Platform feature parity (overview)

In another post it was suggested that all features should be available on all platforms. While that is a valid feature request, Anytype is still being developed and therefore not all features will be available on each platform at the same time for several reasons (see comments in this post):

Feel free to add features to the table below with the following in mind:

  • I don’t have any guidelines to choosing a Category other than using common sense :sweat_smile:.
  • For the name of a feature, I suggest keeping it as short as possible while still making clear what the feature entails.
  • Link to existing topics that discuss the (missing/added/planned) feature where possible and relevant.

I’ve made a start below, but I don’t have any iOS device to check the availability and working of features.

Category Feature Options Android Desktop iOS
Current version 0.6.1 0.25.4 0.13.0
Dashboard Library Browse object Types, Templates and Relations No Yes No
Search Partially Yes Partially
Settings Theme Darkmode Yes Yes Yes
Light/Dark/System toggle Planned Yes ?
Default object type Yes Yes Yes
PIN code On/off Planned Yes No
PIN code Timeout No Yes No
Biometric authentication No No Yes
Background/wallpaper Solid colors Yes Yes ?
Background/wallpaper Gradients Yes Yes ?
Background/wallpaper Anytype pictures No Yes ?
Background/wallpaper Custom image No Yes ?
Sidebar Show/hide No Yes No
Navigate Backlinks No Yes ?
Sidebar No Yes No
Deeplinks To Object No No No
Deeplinks To Block No No No
Object Types Anytype’s default object Types Note, Page, etc. Yes Yes Yes
View custom object Types Yes Yes Yes
Create new Custom object Types No Yes No
Object actions Icon Add/Change/Remove Yes Yes Yes
Cover Add/Change/Remove Yes Yes Yes
Cover Search Unsplash Yes Yes Yes
Layout Change Yes Yes Yes
Relations Add existing Yes Yes Yes
Add to favorites Yes Yes Yes
Remove from favorites Yes Yes Yes
See object history Planned Yes No
To bin (remove ) Yes Yes Yes
Undo/redo Yes Yes Yes
Add object to favorites Yes Yes Yes
Remove object from favorites Yes Yes Yes
Lock page Yes Yes Yes
Unlock page Yes Yes No
(Use object as) Template Planned Yes No
Create object using a Template No Yes No
Duplicate object (not the same as “duplicate block”!) No Yes No
Export single page Planned Yes (.md) Planned
Blocks Text Text, title, heading, subheading, highlighted Yes Yes Yes
Markdown Numbered list (“1.”) Yes Yes ?
Bulleted list ("*") Yes Yes ?
Checkbox ("[]") Partially (no checked box with “[x]”) Partially (no checked box with “[x]”) ?
URL ("[text](link)]" No Yes ?
Lists Checkbox, bulleted list, numbered, toggle Yes Yes Yes
Media File Yes Yes ?
Picture Yes Yes Yes
Video Yes Yes Yes
Audio No Yes ?
Embedded PDF No Yes ?
Bookmark Yes Yes Yes
LaTeX-blocks Yes Yes ?
Code-snippets Yes Yes ?
TOC No Yes No
Links to objects Yes Yes Yes
Relation Yes Yes Yes
Other Line divider, dotted divider Yes Yes Yes
Inline Sets Planned Planned Planned
Block actions General Create new object on/from canvas Yes Yes Yes
Open/navigate to object via link Yes Yes Yes
By selecting block (…) Add below Yes No ?
Delete (not to bin) Yes Yes Yes
Style (text) (Text, Title, Heading, Subheading, Highlighted) Yes Yes ?
Style (list) (Checkbox, Bulleted list, Numbered list, Toggle) Yes Yes ?
Duplicate (block) (not the same as “duplicate object”!) Yes Yes Yes
Move up/down Yes Yes ?
Move to other object Yes Yes ?
Merge/split No ? Yes
Turn into object No Yes ?
By using “/” (Slash menu) Style (text) (Text, Title, Heading, Subheading, Highlighted) Yes Yes
Style (list) (Checkbox, Bulleted list, Numbered list, Toggle) Yes Yes ?
Insert media Yes Yes ?
Insert new object Yes Yes ?
Insert linked Relation Yes Yes ?
Insert existing (not linked) Relation No, bug Yes ?
Insert new Relation from scratch Yes Yes ?
Other (line/dots divider) Yes Yes ?
Actions Copy/Paste Yes (menu) Yes (keyboard shortcuts)
Alignment (left, center, right) Yes Yes ?
Color (font) Yes Yes ?
Background (highlight) Yes Yes ?
Relations Create New from scratch Yes (only via “/” > Relations) Yes No
Edit Relation values/content Yes Yes Yes
Delete No No No
Sets Improved filters Planned Planned Planned
Edit filters Yes Yes ?
View Create new Yes Yes ?
Grid view Yes Yes Yes
Gallery view Yes Yes ?
List view Yes Yes ?
Kanban view Planned Planned Planned
Calendar view Planned Planned Planned
Set Relations Edit Yes Yes ?
Sorting Change Yes Yes ?
Groups Edit No No No
Multi-select Objects No Yes No
Graph See objects in graph No Yes ?
Open objects from graph No Yes ?
Remove (multiple) objects from graph No No No
Collaboration Sharing objects on the web Planned Planned Planned
Multiplayer Anytype: collaboration, secure object sharing Planned Planned Planned
Commenting Planned Planned Planned
Integration API Planned Planned Planned
Web Clipper Planned Planned Planned

Backlinks are available on Android? Where can I find them?

Thanks for noticing! I’ve fixed some more mistakes I made in the overview. I mixed up more items between Android and Desktop than just the item you found :grimacing:

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