Anytype iOS 0.11.0 released

“We’ve made it larger!”

Your friendly iOS dev team is back again with another big update!

This update closes out the very first feature request from our community, one that began before we’d even shipped the first version of Anytype for iPhone.

Anytype for iPad

The recipe was simple: run the script on the iPhone app, and voila! :cook:

We hope you enjoy the Anytype experience on iPad and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Also featured:

  • Fixes, tweaks and enhancements from our most recent design review.
  • Improved stability inside the editor.
  • Added merge and split actions.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the app to crash upon login for some users.

Thank you very much for this update! The iPad support is lovely - I may finally be able to leave the MacBook at home and use my iPad solely for accessing Anytype!

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