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Any News

All the latest news and announcements from the Anytype team, including new features, changelogs, etc.

Any Discussion

Discuss anything related to Anytype that doesn’t fall into specific categories. Or head to the Lounge for truly “off-topic” discussions.

Any Gallery

This gallery is to showcase how you’re using Anytype and inspire fellow members. Let’s come together to celebrate the awesome things our Community members are crafting and keep the creativity flowing in our Community.

Any Help

Need AnyHelp? Our community and staff members are here for you. If you need suggestions, some assistance or have questions unrelated to feature requests or bugs, here is the place!

Feature Requests

The place to post, contribute to, & vote for feature requests! Development is prioritized by what’s most desired within community. Search for a topic to see if it already exists before adding a new one. For bugs, see Bug Reports category.

Bug Reports

Report any bugs you’re experiencing here. Please search for same or similar reports to avoid duplicates.

Bug Cemetary

Where Bugs go to Rest In Peace (hopefully in perpetuity).


Hang and talk about anything outside the world of Anytype. Meet fellow Anytypers, share what you’re watching or listening to, etc.