Anytype iOS 0.18.0 released

This month, our team has focused on delivering improved Sets functionality on iOS to rival the Desktop experience. We’re so excited to bring you a series of upgrades which we hope will bring your Sets game to the next level.

:gem: New Features:

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Loading states have now been introduced for bookmarks

  • Hide types, relations and templates from Home Screen to make it more consistent.

  • Bookmark icon layout improvements.

  • Mention menu refinements.

  • New order of actions in object settings.

  • Hide multi select mode when zero blocks are selected.

  • Simple tables. Multi selection improvements & haptic feedback.

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • iOS 16:
    • Dashboard glitch fixes.
    • URL paste popover layout fixed.
  • Fixed: Objects with Type: Note created from a Set now have titles auto-saved
  • Fixed: Design fixes for Gallery & List views in Sets
  • Fixed: Cyrillic characters now supported in URL markups.
  • Fixed: Bugs with Relation blocks
  • Fixed: Keyboard’s accessory no longer visible in drag & drop state.
  • Fixed: Layout for Task Objects have been corrected on dashboard