Anytype iOS 0.15.0 released

Highlights include:

  • :sponge: Polish and sparkle in the UI
  • :nail_care: Further object customisation
  • :wastebasket:Permanent deletion of your Anytype account

New features:

  • Fresh canvas animations for blocks
  • Refreshed “featured relations” blocks
  • Template selection for objects
  • Create new objects from inside a Set
  • Permanent Anytype account deletion
  • Duplicate your object from object settings
  • Object “quick actions” from the main screen/dashboard


  • We’ve renamed the delete button to move to bin in the object settings screen
  • Updated style descriptions in slash-menu
  • “Create new object” replaces “Search” on the editor screen
  • Added haptic feedback inside the canvas editor
  • The move-to action now sorts objects by date last edited


  • Fixed a bug when created new status in relation does not select automatically
  • Fixed white background on profile icon in dark mode
  • Fixed “sy…ed” status
  • Fixed images downloading

@mordan thanks for posting the release notes! I’m not an iOS user myself, but this new feature got my attention:

Could you incidate what this means?

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we supported iOS system feature and now you can move to bin or add/remove to/from favorite by long tap on object


Thank you! Love the Update

Just FYI…The “toggle” has stopped working after updating to iOS 0.15.0

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hm :thinking:
What do you mean by “toggle”? Is is block with checkbox or object as task?
It would be great if you provide more details and we will double check it

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When trying to hide or unhide text with “Toggle” it does not work

Here is a screenshot and video

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Also, after locking a page, the Undo still works.

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Thank you for your reports, really appreciate it!
We are now working on hotfix for toggle block and will ship it soon

What about undo button – object settings menu will be polished in next release

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You’re welcome.

About the “Undo botton/Lock page”
I was just saying that when you “lock a page” it is still not fully locked because I can still “undo” what I have just edited.
There for, the page is not really “Locked down” and changes can still be made.