Improve support for transparent and non-rectangle images, icons, and emoji's

@Kirill_Lem I believe they are using an image with transparency for their profile pic. The white in the image they attached should be “transparent”, and I think they expect that the background (blue-green “fibers” in this case) would show through instead of a white background in an oval.

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Exactly ! :wink:

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@Oshyan Thank you for the clarification!

@Eban Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

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I believe this issue is still ongoing.

When I add an icon with a transparent background sometimes I get this result (which is expected):

But sometimes it appears like that:

Please bring some consistency to how icons with transparent background are processed.


I’m happy to read this is in progress on iOS:

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

This request isn’t really related to a problem, but when setting icons for pages I noticed that they have an off-white box behind them.

Describe the solution you’d like

Instead of having the off-white background, having a transparent background for the page icons akin to Notion.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Another alternative to this would be to have a toggle to let the user choose whether they want a background to the icon or not.

Additional context



To fully understand it. Does your uploaded image had a background and you want Anytype to remove it or the image you uploaded doesn’t had a background an Anytype added one?

Thanks for the added information. I adjusted the title, so this topic will be easier to be find. Hope, you are ok with it. Otherwise, feel free to adjust, if its not fully matching your requested feature.

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I also would like Anytype to work with transparent png backgrounds for icons so +1

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Just pasted an image with transparent background in dark mode. It’s very hard to read some parts of it.

Slightly better with “grey” background.

Please add “white” to the background options.


Additionally to my post. Also show the background color, when the image is viewed in the modal image viewer.

Can we start thinking of giving relations the option of adding a custom icon of their own? that would be cool I guess. Like a twitter icon next to the “twitter” relation which is of the type “URL”.


I’m happy to report that as of 0.32.10-beta we finally have transparent background for icons! YaaY! :sweat_smile:

But I’m not sure about the decision to add a white border around the icon when it has a transparent background… It feels wierd:

CleanShot 2023-06-23 at 21.26.08@2x


I agree it would be nicer without, but hey, its a step forward! :smiley:

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Yeah, I agree :sweat_smile:. I was looking at Notion’s implementation and recognized that in Notion when you apply a background cover, the icon gets smaller whereas in Anytype it stays the same. But more importantly, Half of the icon stays below the cover and the other half on top of it.

I believe the team added the border to further accentuate the icon; Personally I think adding some kind of shadow or go down the Notion’s way would be more minimal and clean looking.

Another thing :thinking:

I find it strange that the “profile” layout now has a rounded square border for icons, whereas the icons of that same objects in other part of Anytype like the graph view or in the search or inline mention, etc is still the old circular cut out.

Personally I think having a square or rounded square for “Basic”, and the circular cutout for the “Profile” is more suitable.

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After an update on the Desktop app, the page icon has a weird white border if you upload an image.
Before the update there was no such outline. Since the image I’m uploading is an icon, it gets weird, since there is no background, so it’s only the icon and the white border.


  1. Upload an image as icon
  2. Set a cover


  • OS:
  • Anytype Version:

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Icons with transparent backgrounds are also a bit zoomed-in in mobile (zoomed to fit?) since pre-beta update, so it looks cropped.

Coming back here to add that non-rectangular transparent images have this shadow around them in mobile. It really doesn’t go well with stickers. :sweat_smile:

The behavior should be the same in desktop where the background blends in with the canvas.