Anytype iOS 0.8.0 release

The iOS team wishes a Happy New Year to our fabulous iPhone testers. Thank you for taking part in this alpha program. We have some significant updates coming to Anytype for iPhone this year, and weโ€™re delighted to start 2022 so strong with this first update. :confetti_ball:

  • Your resolution to give up the late-night doom scrolling is more straightforward now that Anytype for iPhone has a dark mode :first_quarter_moon:. Swap Instagram for your objects, and sleep easy knowing your data is safe on your device.

  • Tabs on the home screen now update on the fly. Changes made on the desktop or Android are applied instantly. No need to change tabs or open objects to trigger any updates.

  • You can log in to Anytype using either Face ID or Touch ID on your device. :closed_lock_with_key:

  • Considerable improvements to the editor make drag and drop and working with multiple blocks much smoother.