Anytype Desktop 0.29.0 Released 🎉

Happy Monday and Happy Release Day, Anytypers! :hugs:

Edit: version 0.29.1 was released to fix this bug.

Throughout September, our backend and platform teams have been occupied with refactoring relations aka the ‘Relations as an Object’ project. This effort, though not visible in this month’s release, is essential to unblocking long-awaited features such as Relations deletion/modification and in-line Sets (we promise, it’s coming!).

Meanwhile, the improvements and bug fixes in this release are primarily geared towards editor polishing and responses to your feedback from our last release. Thanks to everyone who’s tested new features, created bug reports, and let us know your concerns.

:gem: Highlights of this Release:

:zap: Quality-of-Life Improvements:

  • Relations are now updating automatically using drag & drop between columns from Kanban view

  • Selection frame when selecting blocks is now visible

  • When scrolling content of page opened inside popups, menu positions are now correctly updated

  • Added page overscrolling for better readability, so content now ends in the middle of the screen rather than the bottom

  • Added multilingual spellcheck support

  • Updated in-page search design to include number of matching results and navigation

  • Updated toggle block design so toggles are default open when applying block style changes

  • Added possibility to open new windows from search interface when pressing + Enter

  • Export settings are now saved from one export to another

  • In-app survey and logic was re-worked to reduce frequency and increase relevance towards new users, veteran users, and exiting users

  • New windows now open by default with a slight position shift so your windows aren’t stacked on top of each other

  • File names created from the web are now more pretty

  • Added table support when exporting to markdown

  • Added document name to window title for better navigation between open windows

  • Removed automatic sidebar-hiding when window is too small

:computer: Tech

  • Electron was updated to 20.1.1

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Set column width is now working again (thanks, Konstantin)
  • Fixed: Bug that was causing two relations in one direction to overlay in graph view (thanks, Konstantin)
  • Fixed: Block focus loss after block link creation (thanks, sambouwer)
  • Fixed: Top toolbar button was missing in fullscreen mode (thanks, Aleph1)
  • Fixed: Date selector was setting incorrect dates (thanks, dannyg)
  • Fixed: Shortcuts to duplicate and delete blocks are now working (thanks, David)
  • Fixed: Ability to open new windows with + Click is now restored in all cases
  • Fixed: Zoom-in window action hotkey was updated to + = to work correctly on Windows (thanks, akta)
  • Fixed: Relation creation flow for Relation-type: Object was not working after the previous release (thanks, dzlg)
  • Fixed: Pasting images from clipboard is now working again
  • Fixed: Emojis are now correctly pasted when copied from outside of Anytype
  • Fixed: Underline paste support
  • Fixed: Link blocks are now correctly removed when using + X command
  • Updated: Markdown is now being parsed automatically on paste
  • Fixed: Export with Include Files flag toggled on, no longer creates files directory
  • Removed: An ability to create new page title blocks in certain situations

You mean we can get the ability to delete relations next version?


Horay! :tada: the UI bug that I reported is now solved in this release! Plus this new version feels faster and auto-updating of relation by drag and dropping in Kanban view is definitely a welcomed addition to the features :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for everyone who made this release possible, ya’ll rock!


This is a great feature. Small, but very useful. :+1:t3:


The lack of overscrolling has been such a papercut for me - it makes me feel so claustrophobic! And set column widths :chefkiss:

Great work on the new release! Looking forward to seeing how it performs


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I’m super thrilled to use this app as my whole personal management system!

Just a quick, quite silly question: how do can I update to this new version? Is it possible from the app or do I need to download new version and replace it? If so, from where?

Thanks, Muzosh. Keep up the good work!


In the menu: Anytype > Check for Updates


Great update, thank you :slight_smile:


Anyone want to download Anytype latest version, just go to Download Anytype. That’s it. :us: :cowboy_hat_face:


I see that my Anytype updated to 0.29.1. Is there any significant changes to note?



This bug was fixed.