Sprint Review (43)

A lot of work is currently going into “under the hood” stuff. This has to be done to prepare Anytype for features like “Relations as Objects” and inline set. Work has also been done to fix some sync problems.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams have worked on and are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. The meeting was on thursday last week, so 0.29.0 was released after it.


  • A lot of bugs :beetle: were fixed (most likely a list will be shipped with the release notes)
  • Kanban is getting a last few improvements to be ready for the next release :partying_face:


  • New views can be created from within sets
  • Opening different types of files is now possible with iOS native viewers. Additionally the iOS “Share” menu is available within these viewers. The demo showed:
    • PDFs and text files :spiral_notepad:
    • Images :framed_picture: could be viewed and edited with the iOS native options
  • Introduced with iOS 16 you can now edit your lockscreen. A button can now be added to your lockscreen to quickly create an object with one touch
  • The selection of multiple blocks is working with only one touch now.


  • A lot of work has been done on the “Relation as an object” part
  • When pasting text, there is a new option to select if the pasted text should be inserted as text / link / bookmark
  • Selecting text will allow using selected text as a link or replace it with the content you have in your clipboard


  • The long awaited recording of the “Townhall” :dancing_women: is ready to be published and just waits for approval
  • Reworking of the Status tags is done :white_check_mark:
  • The new “Townhall” event is being planned
  • There was an error in the invitation process of this forum, so a lot new users getting their invite codes weren’t invited here. Those people are now being invited step by step. So the community will grow in the near future :+1: