Template Not Working

Hi @K_liff, welcome to the forum and thank you for the report.

Could the bug be related to this other one?

You can try to delete the template and create the object again, otherwise try to enable developer tools and see if you get an error similar to “Error BlockDataviewRecordCreate code: 1 description: can't apply template: not a template” in the console.

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I’m having the exact same issue (on the desktop app for Windows). Today I just created a unique type and associated template based on the Book type, but I cannot use the “Create” button on the type page OR the “Change Type” feature on the “New Object” landing page. (You can see me try both approaches in the video below.)


My current crutch is to simply make a copy of the template and then change the type to the one I want. This has been working flawlessly.

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I’m facing the same issue. I’m unable to create any new object of a specific type.

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Similar problem. I cannot use any custom Template to create objects, no matter custom Type or internal Type. But internal Templates work fine.

If I create a custom Type…

  • …and do not create Template for it, I can create empty objects normally for this Type;
  • …and create a custom Template for it, I cannot create any object for it.

Or if I work with an internal Type…

  • If the Type do not have any internal Template…
    • I can create an empty object normally for it;
    • If I create a custom Template for it, I cannot create any object for it.
  • If the Type have some internal Template…
    • I can create an object with the internal Template automatically applied;
    • If I create a custom Template for it, when creating an object it asks me which template to use. If I choose the internal Template, everything is fine; If I choose the custom one, nothing happens and the object is not created.

Thanks for the detailed overview of the bug! At this point we can say for sure that it has something to do with user created templates.

Thank you, I think mine is the same issue as the one you brought up. If I delete the template, I can create the object just fine. For now, I think that I will just duplicate the object when I wish to create a new one until the bug is patched.

PS, I have no idea how to access developer mode on mac for Anytype.

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Then if you’re okay with it I’d merge the topic into the existing one.

I don’t have a mac but it should be something like Command+Option+C

Yes, Please thank you :smiley:

It’s usually in the toolbar.

+1 to this issue. I was able to create objects from my templates until before version 0.29 (Desktop). Please Help!

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Hi @Diego, while we wait for a fix, read this topic troughly and you’ll find some temporary workaround. (quick answer from mobile)


Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve red flagged this and related topics/issues in a write-up for our middle-ware team and will be updating the status accordingly. Hopefully the fix will be delivered swiftly. :ambulance:

Thanks everyone for your reports, additional details and confirmations!



Whenever I click on the plus sign to make a new object in my custom type set, I can’t make it.


  1. Create a custom type
  2. Make a template and a set out of it
  3. Press the new object in the set
  4. Plus button will not work


An object with the type to be created.


  • OS:
    Windows 11
  • Device:
    Inspiron 15
  • Anytype Version:


I’ve tried doing this on my other devices, but all of them are Windows.


Update: They found the bug and are fixing it now!

I’m inquiring about fix release date and will update this post.

What we know:

  • Object creation from custom Templates in Library is broken
  • The fix is in progress
  • It is possible to create a functional template via … Menu inside the object (Use as template)
  • It is not possible to repair the broken templates via the work-around
  • but User can copy the content, create the new template and remove the broken one after

Do we know when will the fix be released?
This bug is a little bit annoying.

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yeah im having the same issue. it is cramping my style considerably.

Hey, 0.29.1 is out with a fix for this bug.
After removing your broken templates it should work then again :+1:


can confirm.


Hey I was just coming here to give an update on this, busy day sorry I didn’t do it sooner.


This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be included in an upcoming release.

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