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Sorry I don’t know if this should be a bug, but I am trying to follow the “gratitude diary” video on making a template, and now I’ve made one, but when I try to create an entry (which I suppose is an object) only the Anytype Diary Entry template will work - nothing happens if I click on my version of that template, either in the create object menu (type>Diary Entry> My template), or from the set page. Essentially, my template exists but Anytype won’t let me use it.



A new Object should be created and the template should be applied


Mac OS
Anytype 0.29.0


Can you post a video or screenshot of the “Anytype won’t let me use it” part?

Video is here

What does the template look like?

I followed the steps in this video.

For me this works (almost) without issue: the template is added, but Relations are shown as “New Relation”, which seems to be this bug:

Could you try to create a new Object from a Set? For me it works in both cases (New from Dashboard and new from Set).

I think creating an item from a set is what I demonstrate in the second half of the video, and unfortunately it still doesn’t work for me - the option to select the template appears, but when I click on my template nothing happens, the menu just closes.

Yep, you are right! Sorry for missing that… Did you happen to try to recreate the Template? You could try with duplicating the template, but that potentially duplicates the issue :wink: . Alternatively, you could copy-paste the contents of the original template to a new one. It “feels” like your Template is somehow broken. Do you have other templates to test with to see whether this is isolated to this single template or templates in general for you?

Here’s a video with another template. This is my first activity in Anytype, so I haven’t created any templates before and don’t have another example aside from the new one I just tried in this video.

I also tried duplicating it previously with no luck.

I will move your topic into the bug category as this quacks like a bug

I’ve edited your first post to reflect the bug template (no pun intended)

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Thanks. While I still have that issue, I found a work around: create an item from the Diary Entry type, create the item as if it was a template, then in the menu click “Use as template.” Only templates that I create that way are working for me.


Thanks for sharing the workaround!

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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

@hartdm could you share a screenshot of the developer tools ( Command+Option+I I think) when the bug shows up again?

I’m using the Mac OS desktop app, not a browser. Can I still use developer tools? Sorry I’m new to testing.

I think this video is a more accurate “how to reproduce it.”

No worries, you can do it from the app.

Thank you for the video, I was trying to understand if this bug is the same.