First impressions, suggestions, bugs

Hello, I have got access to Anytype just yesterday and I will share my thoughts here first.
I am using Notion now so will be stealing features from there and comparing Anytype with it.
I have only used Anytype on Android so some stuff will be Android-specific.

Things I like

  • The app is really fast, both in online and offline mode.
  • Offline mode the biggest reason I’d like to find alternative to Notion
  • To be open-source
  • Almost all the features of Notion I use are here
  • Free
  • The design is just great

Things I don’t like

  • Hard to find some stuff, where to do what but I’ll get used to it I guess
  • Hierarchical structure would be better for me but I’ll guess I can make that myself for now

Feature requests

  • Databases - before move here from Notion I need some replacement for databases sets can only partially replace it.
    Hierarchical structure
  • Custom types - I don’t know if it’s possible but I haven’t found it
  • API
  • Webclipper
  • History of object
  • Graphview
  • Add Anytype to share menu, would be great if I could fill all the relations there (and database to put it into when it’s done)
    Widgets for Android home screen specific object, recent, starred…
  • Widgets for Anytype like Notion has
  • Synced blocks
  • Alerts
  • Import from pdf, html, docx, txt…
  • Export as pdf, html…
  • Some features from Notion I don’t need and are missing here: breadcrumb, LaTeX, template button, audio files, columns

Stuff you can improve, small features

  • Let me view set in another page. I use this to view Quick Notes view in one page and Notes in other. This way I don’t need to change view each time.
  • I can’t add new line in text block. Enter creates new block.
  • There should be some buttons when I display image - save, share, copy, maybe even crop
  • When selecting objects, add button select all. For example I wanted to delete all the text as I have edited it somewhere else.
  • Let me resize images.
  • Let me view video in full screen
  • Let me search languages in code snippet
  • Making checkbox checked only slightly changes color and I think it is not noticable enough, maybe you could cross it out? (I’m on dark mode)
  • Let block be toggleable and be heading or bullet block at the same time
  • In the onboarding I’ve seen that you can see some info about syncing on desktop mode. Let me click on the little dot and open popup with the info
  • When I have selected block add button Turn into so I can for example make heading out of a text
  • Same as above but for multiple selected blocks
  • Let me copy text from 2 blocks at once. When I select text from one block, I can’t get to the next one. (See, I have been writing this in Anytype and now I wanna copy it to the forums but can’t)
  • Close page after it’s moved to bin. I won’t use it after I trash it.
  • Let me select type of object for relation it doesn’t make sense for recipe to be asignee
  • If I hold block and don’t move it, select it
  • Let me change font - even if for whole page same
  • Add three dots to bookmark for some options - edit url, edit what to show (url, title, text, img), maybe even change layout
  • Notion let’s me scroll up above the title and there are buttons to add icon and cover. You can add it too.
  • Notion uses Unsplash to search for more covers from the internet. You can add it too.
  • I couldn’t find how to create set. There should be button in the set section or when creating new object there should be set as an option. I managed to do it after clicking on type of page, open set, create set
  • Option to change type of object should be in the menu after clicking three dots in top right too.
  • When relation is too long and display the relation inside the object, it doesn’t show it. I need to click it to see it all. Make it expand on click and collapse on click, remember it’s state.
  • About the above - even better thing would be adding relation variables - like using $author inside the object
  • Add an option to display relations like Notion does - display all of them right under the title, with extra row for creating new relation
  • I can’t find a way to create those cards you use in Getting started page. The first card is link to “Add and style text blocks” page
  • I don’t need back button at the bottom menu. Put undo and redo there.
  • when Anytype is in popup or in split screen and I try to move text there on home screen it could create new note with that text. Now it does nothing.


  • It’s impossible to mention object that doesn’t have name
  • added video, reopened the page and the video was unplayable. All the controls were there, but it was black and I couldn’t play it. It remember the duration though. Reopening the app fixed it.
  • In code snippet with python after typing print(“Hello World”) it picks the most terrible color and is unreadable (I’m on dark mode)
  • Can’t display pdf in offline mode. Idk if this is bug or missing feature.
  • Error while loading image - even in online mode for an image from your book example. When I open such broken image there’s just black screen. What’s worse is that I can do stuff on the black screen! When click see cursor and can write but still see black screen.
  • I can’t paste test with new lines into Anytype as it ignores them.
  • When I click the + in home and create object it doesn’t use template. When i’m in set and use + it uses template.
  • I can’t select video, image bookmark. When I hold it it just let’s me move it and when I click it there’s some action. That means I can’t even delete it easily! I found workaround - I select any other block, then select the image, deselect the other block and I have just the image selected.
  • when I use Anytype in popup or in split screen and try to move some text there this happens: I can hover on it and see places where I could place it like when moving blocks but when I drop it, the app crashes

Well, that was long. But this is all I thought of until now. Most of this stuff is low priority but it’s up to you to choose whato work on.

Anyway, I like Anytype really much and I’m looking forward for the future of it.


Thank you for such a detailed feedback!

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@Person thank you so much for your elaborate write up of you first impressions! I’m linking some topics below as you might not yet have found those among the many topics that are already out there. You mention that you have used Anytype on Android only up to now, so I hope that I can make you enthusiastic for the Desktop version as well. There is a topic listing most features and their availability across platforms. Every feature will eventually be available on every platform

:heart: thanks for the feedback!

This seems to be a recurring remark. The Anytype team is working on improving the onboarding experience in Anytype, and I think the docs ( can be improved, too. Is there anything in particular that makes it difficult to find things? Are there specific flows or use cases that could be optimized?

Your note seems to be in between the discussion on how to navigate in or interact with Anytype (first topic listed below) and how to structure content within Anytype (second topic listed below). They are related, but they are separate topics/discussions. I invite you to take a look and see what you like (and don’t like!).

See this meta discussion and many feature requests linked in the topic:

Yes, that is possible but on Desktop only for now (you’ll soon find out this is a recurring theme in this post :wink: ). I recommend to checkout :slight_smile:

Planned! There is an entire subcategory devoted to discussing cool ideas to do with an API

Planned, I think for one of the upcoming releases, but I’m not sure whether mobile is included right away.

Is available in the current version of Anytype for Desktop! In the Anytype docs it is listed under “page history” what in my opinion should have been “object history”. Not yet available for mobile.

Is available in the current version of Anytype for Desktop, but not yet for mobile.

You can upvote here:

Upvote here:

There is a discussion on this here, and I hope this will be picked up by the Anytype devs soon!

See this metadiscussion on a notifiction system:

Import is fairly limited at the moment, but this should become a lot better with the release of the API because people will be able to write (and hopefully share) their own imports. Same for export.

To not make this post any longer than it already is, I will leave the " Stuff you can improve, small features" for you to search on the forum.

Have fun playing with Anytype!