What We're Working on in Q2H2

Features under development

Confirmed feature requests (no current ETA):

  • Simplified interfaces
  • Backlinks
  • Sharing objects on the web
  • Multiplayer Anytype: collaboration, secure object sharing
  • Simplification of current interface and architecture
  • Embedding of popular services
  • Recurring/repeated tasks and relative date filters
  • Custom local storage path
  • Filesystem integration
  • APIs and integrations like Google Calendar
  • Calendar view

Previous releases


Dumb question, but why does the second post seem to repeat the first?

I am looking forward to these updates!
the First stage is really getting to the Notion level of features so that AnyType can take this to the next level! Notion has built a wonderful foundation to build upon and AnyType can really go beyond that and do some incredible things that have never been done before!

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and what about the ability to delete a relation? is not even a confirmed feature?