Missing Notion Features for me switching over my Life OS

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This is a summary list of features I am using heavily in Notion. The reason I write this is because the most requested features (Collaboration and API) are NOT what are holding me back from switching right now.

Describe the solution you’d like
Set Views or Inline Databases
I know you are aware of this, but the most important thing for me right now is a missing “Dashboard Type”

Database Relations and Rollups
It would be great to have access to “relations two ways down”. If I relate an object with a Project for example I might want to show the Projects ID in the set view. (Improvement over Notion would be if I could edit that property directly from my object)

This is probably the most important for me right now. I am really missing formulas …

Set Grouping
I like to have Database views with groups (like here Life |)

And thats all, as far as I can tell. With these four features I would make the switch.

Additional features
Don’t get me wrong, Collaboration and APIs are awesome, but I wish they would be implemented later.
Some thoughts:
I bet you are going to do collaboration extremely awesome. Have you thought about offering a service like super.so right off the box (I mean publishing as a static site, unlike Notions heavy loading time?)

API: Two way sync is very important, consider collaborating with unito.io or build this in yourself

P.s.: If adding additional developers would significantly increase when these features roll out, please DM me, I would be willing to search developers for you …


Inline Sets/Databases are on the roadmap and currently under development, see the roadmap here: Roadmap 18 Apr 2022

Rollups and formula’s are sadly not on the roadmap, neither have I seen anyone talking about it coming, so that is a big questionmark for me. These are much needed features in my opinion and I hope that they will get added!

Set grouping while not on the roadmap, it has been seen on the official website as well as the mobile app having a Set Group button (that currently doesnt work and when clicked says coming soon).


Oh thats s bummer. Then I will create seperate requests for Formulas and Rollups

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There are already requests available for them



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