Kanban boards

At the moment I currently use Notion’s kanban board view to manage my projects. While I like Notion’s interface, it’s far too slow for my liking and I hate how everything I do is just stored in the cloud I can’t take things offline with it. I’ve tried Trello and Asana but again, same problem with the cloud thing and I’d prefer a solution integrated with my notes rather than use a separate app.

The ability to view databases in kanban board view in Anytype like I can in Notion would be really helpful for me.


To my knowledge, this feature is entirely reliant on the underlying functionality of databases, which are the thing to be enabled in the next big update. I do agree that multiple views of databases (other than tables) are super useful as well.


Kanban grids are already on the roadmap and will be available in one of the coming updates


Is this feature always on the roadmap ?

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Yeah, it’s currently under development (link to roadmap).


Is the Kanban feature now available? Under which object type is it and how do I get to it?

Nope, it is still planned, but should be released in one of the upcoming releases!

As the first version of Kanban view is released I’ll mark this as solved. Obviously, new feature requests should be made to improve the Kanban view.