Still a ways to go but I respond to the fundamental values

I enjoyed the onboarding, it seemed honest and transparent. There are quite a few features that I need in order to make it the heart of my PKM, but it is the most values aligned with me, of all the products out there. I like the business model, the open source objectives, the eventual connection to the blockchain, all these speak to me.

Priorities for me, feature wise:

  • an efficient web clipper (see the save to notion chrome extension or the Mem implamentation)
  • A daily notes feature (à la roam or obsidian)
  • a flexible web embed, to be able to bring some of my other tools in (Journal prompt generator, focus music).

I will definitely be checking in to Anytype periodically and playing with in to better understand it’s power.

You’ll be happy to learn that Web Clipper (currently under development) and Embeds (confirmed, no ETA) are on the roadmap: Roadmap 18 Apr 2022

Dedicated daily notes feature not sure, there are manual options (date relation) or date created but you need to create a note every day. Maybe it will become a plug-in in the future when that is possible (might take years before we get to this point).

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