Hashtag-like links between pages

I’ve been using Logseq and it has a really useful feature: you can tag a block with any number of hashtags, and LogSeq will have one page per hashtag, and reference those blocks when you navigate to that page.

For example, say I write a dairy entry and tag it #realization, #business-idea, #SaaS. I also have a number of notes that are standalone business ideas. How can I view all those “bussines idea” pieces of text in one place?

How can this be done with Anytype? Are these the “backlinks” from the roadmap?


Hi @dandv I think this is a great idea! Could you check whether the proposed solution in this topic is the same as your idea?

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I’ve already posed this question internally; waiting to hear as to whether it’s currently possible or if it’s a pending feature request. Will update when I know more


Maybe this could be done with Tag relations, but it’s quite cumbersome to type /, Relation, Tag, then select the tag, vs. the quick #-autocomplete from LogSeq (at 4:29):

Also I couldn’t find a way to display all pages with a given tag.


See Ability to insert Relations Inline with text - #11 by qualquertipo as a (partial) duplicate.