Anytype Desktop 0.21.0. Deletion. Note. Darkmode


Say hello to our most incredible innovation since object creation: object deletion. Anytype now supports the permanent deleting of objects! :partying_face: :wastebasket::recycle:. Moving objects to the bin will remove them from navigation. From the bin, you can choose to select, delete, and restore your objects. This action is irrevocable, so please be careful.

At present, only objects created inside Anytype can be deleted. Other files like media, and those that come with Anytype (types, relations) will be supported in future releases.

New defaults

Speed and convenience are central to this update. Drafts have been replaced with a new default type, the Note. Designed to capture thoughts quickly. You can now choose any type of object as your default type in Settings, so can be Note. An update we hope will provide you with even more customization and workflow options.

Sets creation

You can now create a Set from the dashboard, via + using the bottom-left + button, or even in-line using the / menu. From there, you can choose which type of object your new Set is for. For example, viewing your current projects, or building a reading list of books.


Just in-time for winter, our long-awaited dark mode is here. This feature has graced our devices (and eyes) in recent years, and has really become a way of life for some. Night owls rejoice! To enable dark mode, simply open the Settings pane, navigate to other settings → theme → and choose Dark.

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 21.44.38

Fresh docs

We’ve launched a brand new hub for Anytype docs. You can find it in the + menu and in the ? icon at the bottom-right of your screen. This is our first draft, and we look forward to your feedback!

Text with link to an object

There was a way to add an arbitrary URL link to a text selection. But now you can make a link to any Anytype object this way. Just select the part of the text, click the link icon and choose! Thanks, Oshyan, for your proposal!


  • PDFs now open inside Anytype, with their own file-type for building Sets. You can use the block’s menu in the editor and just click on a file in sets. Thanks, Gabi and Florencia, for your feedback!
  • You can now open and create a set from the featured relations pane.
  • Page, Note, Set, and Task are now featured in type selection. They are the most used types, so they will become more accessible.
  • You can change views position in sets (finally!)
  • Anytype now shows a preview of an object when mousing over a link or mention.
  • We’ve added brand new gradient wallpapers that look very fantastic!
  • Full-text search now works for pre-built objects.
  • You can now open an URL by clicking while holding the Shift key. Thanks, qualquertipo
  • Search box height is now adaptive fitting results with no extra space below.
  • Relation’s name in Graph mode is now always readable in the expected direction. Thanks, michaellw
  • Narrow the sidebar in Graph View. Thanks, lynxlove
  • Better graph search highlighting. Thanks, lynxlove


  • Anytype rarely failed to create set. Thanks, Srinath, turquiseblue, vanntile, Eban.
  • Changing the set filter from “is done” to something else resulted in a crash. Thanks, sahilstudio
  • Clipboard stops working while working with blocks.
  • Copy and cut from the title was not getting the right content.
  • Pasting a link to create a bookmark crashes Anytype. Thanks, Tanzeel098
  • The date relation filter wasn’t working with time. The last added object may be ordered not as predicted.
  • Some of the emojis with numbers weren’t displaying cross-device. Thanks, faraaz
  • Words/Sentences were getting duplicated or missing when selecting it with Ctrl + A and pressing Enter on created objects. Thanks, Sedulous
  • Having two filters with the same relation changes the first condition to “All”. Thanks, quietwalker
  • LaTeX: When the carriage moved from the end of the list to the beginning or from the beginning to the end of the list, the focus on the element disappeared
  • In history mode, there was a possibility to change featured relations.
  • Cards linked objects had a residual overlay when empty. Thanks, AyneHancer
  • Enabling Show Icon in Grid View cropped the Page Name. Thanks, lynxlove
  • The gallery view sometimes cut the last relation value.
  • Image viewer showed scrollbar. Thanks, kEbZeCK
  • When you pressed Enter to open a page using the navigation pane Anytype was inserting line breaks. Thanks, Tim-Luca
  • An image added to the file relation could break the work of the file list in the relay.
  • There was an inconsistent movement for nested blocks using CTRL+SHIFT UP/DOWN. Thanks, qualquertipo
  • When creating a new object from a Set, edit its name. If the cursor was moved, the revised text was also moved in the direction of the cursor. Thanks, lynxlove
  • Relation Numbers could store non-numerical symbols.
  • When switched the month in the calendar in the Date relation, the date could be reset to 1970-01-01
  • Sometimes relation focus could stay on a previously selected cell in Set.
  • Selection could freeze when was working with nested blocks. Thanks, qualquertipo
  • Welcome to Anytype showed after login and not only after registration.
  • Shortcuts view opened while working with an object in a modal window closed the object.
  • Hints weren’t centred relative to the object to which they were displayed.
  • Sometimes when the custom type was opened, the templates weren’t showing.
  • App crashed after clicking “Cancel” in the Navigation pane. Thanks, HaosGames
  • Changes have been made to relation name could not update everywhere it was used.
  • When pressed ctrl / it with now carriage inside block app selected all the content text, but weren’t working for further actions. Thanks, Srinath
  • Link preview could be stuck on the screen. Thanks, jimkleiber
  • Template preview could also be stuck.
  • The search wasn’t working in the graph. Thanks, Tanzeel098
  • Background default colour swatch showed as black (should be white). Thanks, qualquertipo
  • A lot of minor UI fixes while working with relation value in Set
  • Bookmark Preview got cropped on Higher Layout Widths. Thanks, lynxlove
  • No extra space was added to the template formula. So switching the LaTeX Template formula multiple times resulted in a syntax error. Thanks, lynxlove
  • Objects created from Set weren’t focusing the text cursor on their name. Thanks, Kite

This update apparently disabled the appereance of the version number at Anytype->About Anytype. Haven’t seen this on the patch notes, but most importantly it should be updated in the bug report template here at the forum with the new place to find the version number (Right now I found it at “Check for updates” when no new update is found).


We’ve parched it already, please update to the latest version!


Thank you very much, I wasn’t sure if it was a bug! That was quick :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on a painless release (from the end-user’s point of view at least). It was seamless from my end and some very nice additions.


I think you guys forgot to mention the timeout setting for the pin code, which I think is new with this release and a great addition.


I’m honestly incredibly excited for dark mode! I don’t expect perfection, all I wanted was for it to even exist, and now it’s here.

It’s a simple feature that makes AnyType significantly more accessible to people who work at night. I think its value has been highly underrated in the forums. I can gladly say that I will be using AnyType at any hour of the day now!

The update was seamless and I have yet to encounter any issues. Looks great so far!

Keep up the great work! :blush:

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I guess I’m one of the people that underrate dark mode. But so many people are passionate about it that I always have the feeling I’m missing on something amazing.

I love the concept. Much less light leaving the screen. Better in every way. Except… every time I try it I’m bothered by how the bright characters “bleed” out into the dark background. This makes everything blurry and much harder to read.

Is this not something you experience? Any way to avoid it?

@qualquertipo there are a few potential things to check. But a few pointers I could give you is:

  • Check TrueType / ClearType settings (depending on your platform Win/OSX)
  • Screen capabilities? Newer screens have better blacks, less leaking of backlight when displaying white fonts on darker backgrounds. So if you have an old LCD screen it may be worth checking what newer ones may offer.
  • Check guides like Windows 10 Blurry Text? Here's How to Fix it. - Driver Easy
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