Anytype iOS 0.13.0 released

Back at it again with the new Anytype.

This latest update for both iPhone and iPad features:

  • Support for locked/read-only pages.
  • A new Settings panel for your Sets, allowing for greater customisation on the go.
  • :hammer: your Sets with :new: emoji support :star:
  • Choose from tens of thousands of images for object backgrounds with our new Unsplash integration.


  • Updates to relation design, including a new flow for making changes on the go
  • Copy/paste of blocks, insertion of files/videos/photos, paste from web pages
  • Set’s view settings—select/add/delete relations to show as set’s columns
  • Create relations in object settings

Bug fixes:

  • Using emoji in the editor will no longer cause a crash
  • Fixed major problems with image downloading.
    • many more small bugs squished!

:fire: :firecracker: :sparkler: Sick work dude!

that is Awesome!!:fire: :firecracker: :sparkler:

This is Amazing!!!