What are your top 3 requests for 2024?

The Anytype team has achieved soooooo much in 2023, it’s pretty amazing to think about the difference between Anytype a year ago and today :exploding_head: (thank you team, we love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Now, there are a lot of Feature Requests on this forum, and even though there are vote counts, priorities and needs change over time. I know that personally, my most critical feature request isn’t the same today as it was 8 months ago, before starting to use Anytype every day.

So let’s share here what our top 3 requests are for the coming year. If possible, link your requests to the Feature Request post so folks can vote!

I’ll get us started:

  1. An option to download all files automatically, as at the moment it’s very hard to know what files are synced and I often end up working offline on an object with missing files.
  2. Full-fledged tables with views and relation-based columns, to achieve something similar to collections but without each row being an object
  3. Full support for in-line sets on mobile, as right now inline sets are largely useless on mobile

THIS is the number one:
An option to show the actual date instead of relative dates in relations

  • It’s the number one, because no print makes any sense, if each date in every printed site is “Today”.

The second is this:
Two more Entries for context menu in Collections

The third:
A new “Sort Date” Relation that (if not empty) overpowers the Creation Date in the sort function

All of these three are only small things.
But it sucks every day not to have them implemented.


Couldn’t agree more, I jumped in the app last April and it has been a firework of new features updates since then, thanks and congrats team !

My most desired FR is Share to Web. Still doing back and forth with Notion because of it,

Second it would be inline sets for mobile,

Third would be tabs

  1. Repeating tasks/objects
  2. Notifications
  3. Feature parity (or close to it) on mobile - especially multi-column/kanban display
  1. Quality of Life features. There are so many main huge features that really need quality of life updates. For example: selecting an already uploaded image from any image block, renaming inline sets without changing the source set name, ability to sort widget content (like A-Z, last used, custom), etc.

  2. Feature parity with mobile

  3. Adding all those coming soon features advocated on this forum and the website like grouping in sets.

  1. Add Tabs to show multiple pages

  2. Create Recurring Objects

  3. Add an option to download all files automatically

Also agree with @Jeroen about Quality of Life improvements

  1. Option to apply template to an existing object

  2. Unique tag view (and other tag improvement)

  3. A real search engine, including search in relations or content, and with filter (AND, OR, “full text”,…)
    (Can’t find a global FR for that?)

It’s not a TOP3, but Many QOL improvements too (drag files on collection, bulk-edit, No more problem with long collection, Copy image to the clipboard, all those mentioned by @Jeroen ,…) .
Because I want to user more anytype but with less friction and irritation :wink:


Gah, now I want to change my top 3… Improved search function, yes please!

  1. An in app API / ability to build Plug-ins
  2. Ability to build graph queries e.g. gremlin
  3. Block level links and transclusion

I can see 1 & 2 opening the opportunity for the community to begin helping build some features


So true when we talk about how far the app got to here. I believe that Anytype has evolved in a manner that is way too much faster than any other app I have ever used.
Can’t imagine the efforts and hours spent on these features and bug fixes.

I’ve reached a state of “no problem, this will get implemented eventually, no need to request this feature now”, I know deep down inside that Anytype team has planned for almost every single feature or bug implementation, it’s just a matter of time before it goes live.

Sometimes new features are introduced even tho I haven’t thought about and I go thinking that “how could they have known that this is much needed while I haven’t paid attention to that fact :eyes:

I’m satisfied with the current state of Anytype (and satisfied with every release that come up next).

That being said, here are my top 3 (forget that “satisfied” thingy :rofl:):

  1. Some sort of a whiteboard or a canvas object
  2. Some sort of a whiteboard or a canvas object
  3. And last one, some sort of a whiteboard or a canvas object :new_moon_with_face::joy:

well mine are quite long :sweat_smile: but if I had to choose​:thinking::

  1. Inline Latex
  2. Multi-dimensional Relations
  3. Transclusion + synced blocks

As for the 3rd item, I hope we get to see embedded blocks along with transclusion. What I mean is the ability to copying and using the link to a block inside anytype, but also the ability to show it as some type of preview. This way we can see and interact with the block completely in another object.


Love where Anytype is at the moment and continues to get better with each update but I would be SO happy to see these three come to it this year or at least confirmed.

  1. Whiteboard/Canvas/Mind map functionality would be absolutely amazing I would vote for this every day if I could.

  2. Plug-ins I know its coming one day but I’m excited to see what this community makes after looking at something like Obsidians plug-in collection.

  3. Multi-Dimensional Relations so I don’t have to keep using the workaround I have been using.

Any honorable mentions would be like full table functionality with formulas and merging cells, or to apply a template to an existing object and recurring tasks.


It is crazy when we think of anytype a year ago and now! Thanks team :slight_smile: (And community!)

Hard to pick 3, eeeesh.

  1. Opening objects in side bar (instead of a module), panes or tabs.
  2. Better search function (added context for results, too)
  3. Recurring objects (can’t wait to use AT as a manager!)

Special mentions wishlist:

  • Transclusion and sync blocks
  • File and media management (right now image library is so confusing!)
  • Object preview in Kanban and gallery view (and an icon of content in table view)
  • Themes and font changing
  • Embededs that aren’t so limited (widgets and so son)
  • Web clipper
  • Inline support for mobile / Ipad
  • API and plugins
  • Easy filtering of links by object type
  • Applying templates to existing objects (and when changing object type that already has content)
  • drag and drop functionality for collections and sets
  • Some form of whiteboarding
  • Simple calculations and eventually formulas
  • Relation roll up

There are so many good features, may I be greedy and have 3 pairs of requests. I would need both together to establish what I need.

  1. Multi-dimensional relations & Transclusion: for quote and analyse
  2. Web clipper & PDF annotation: for quick information capture
  3. Date Object/Type & Handwriting: for journaling and brainstorming

I also want Obsidian import. I have some critical notes with lots of links in Obsidian that is waiting to be imported into Anytype…

More robust graph and Quality of life improvements too.


There are so many but my Top 3 are:

  1. Tabs
  2. Transclusion and synced blocks
  3. Whiteboard/Canvas/Mindmapping

Search filters, tabs, and being able to right-click an image that’s in Anytype and press “copy image.”


Guys, best news!
First have a look at this beautiful mindmap example in Kroki!

After that look at this thread (posts 21/22 from our @Razor ):

Proper queries with full boolean support - for sets, filters, etc. I’m not sure how to use Anytype the way I use Notion without this feature.

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  1. Multiplayer
  2. Subtasks /rollup
  3. Tabs

wow, it’s amazing how Anytype has progressed from a prototype to a production-ready replacement for popular note apps and PIMs like Evernote or Apple Notes, in such a short time. And the team’s discipline and vision behind is even more amazing. Thank you for you brilliant hard work!

As you ask, my wish list would be:

  1. inline objects, for more lively task lists, diaries, book collections, etc
  2. import from basic PIM tools, particularly Evernote and Apple Notes
  3. manual “sort” relation, as substitute for an editable “modified” date

I presume these 3 suggestions might be more petite than some other wishes, and I can see the opportunity for Anytype to offer a fully fledged replacement for Notion, Obsidian, and most PLMs, which I’d totally love to be possible — and this might also tap into another strong business case for Anytype, based on a much deeper vision… and I see Anytype’s enormous capability to develop in this direction.

Yet, knowing the perils of scope creep and Hofstadter’s law, I hope to be as humble as possible with my wishes, in order to rather contribute to a mature substitute for huge natural competitors such as Evernote, Apple Notes, Google Keep, or Ulysses soon (and with a much greater potential and vision), than perceiving Anytype as “having to be” everything for everyone from the start.

Having said this… the ability to (1) elegantly manage projects, and (2) publish Anytype pages to the web e.g. for a blog, documentation, photo sharing, or online e-book project would tap into yet another market where I see Notion very well positioned… and where I’d love Anytype to become the leader here one day or much sooner.

And then there’s the entire realtime collaborative editing market where I see the Anytype team heading, replacing Google Docs and/or WhatsApp… and this seems totally within reach with what the team has created so far. Anytype would be well-deserved and a badly needed revolution here :heart: