PDF annotation with Anytype

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Logseq has this super cool and Utility feature, where PDF is opened within the app with a viewer built in it and annotations can be made in the viewer all without leaving the app (i.e No PDF is opened using something like adobe). And takes the annotation in outline area as a reference ( currently it a manual process it is super cool).

After annotation of pdf within Anytype, the annotations and notes should be available on a note separately, like Logseq does.

I think it is a must have (IMO) feature as much as Database feature to have a PKM.

Additional context

This was from Logseq. Check out Logseq (currently 0.3.2 ) if you want to experience it by yourself.

Give Thumbs up for this feature if you would like to have it in Anytype.


Seriously this and outline made me use logseq.

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I think Zotero 6 has the nice way of annotations(should check if you haven’t) and also builtin PDF viewer (logseq has too). Select the highlight option and highlight. No need for pressing highlight option or pressing (Ctrl-H) keyboard shortcut. Also the extraction of annotations are even good. Would be awesome for those who study using PDF. Students and researchers would be mainly benefited.


I also use Logseq for my knowledge management at the moment but for projects, I would like to use Anytype. It would be nice if we can do some quick highlighting in PDFs. Currently, you need to download the PDF, annotate and then reupload.

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You can open pdf in the app itself. But yeah highlight would be a great addition. However exporting of highlight should be there.

As someone who uses a Sony Digital Paper almost daily, the ability to work with annotations like this would be quite useful, especially if handwriting became searchable like typed text.

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And ability to extract those annotations


I use logseq for 6 months and didn’t knew about that. Yesterday all day long i was searching tool for doing that and all i found is working not in the way i expected. But Logseq do with PDF what i need. Thank you topic starter for the hint.


I‘d love such a feature, please implement it!


oh yes that would make it the best app out there,since its impossible to find an app that syncs between android and mac !!!