Inline LaTeX Addition

Currently there is the LaTeX block which occupies a whole 2 or 3 lines of text. What would be cool is to have also an option for inline LaTeX code to integrate along with regular written text. Here is a simple example:


Yes, I’d also love to see this.

Having some sort of LaTex implementation would be fantastic!

@biome LaTeX block is already available, this request is for the inline display of such block


As a student in computer science and mathematics this would be fantastic !


Yes! I’d like to see this happen too, along with a keyboard shortcut that toggles between LaTeX and normal text, like Notion’s Ctrl + Shift + E or Obsidian’s $ $.


This! Perhaps the inline latex block could be more of a way of formatting text than a ‘block’ (similar to what inline codeblocks are like today), if you type ‘$’ around some text it could turn into a LaTeX block, render out its content & let you edit it if your cursor moved back into it (either by turning back into its formula text when your cursor was on it (I don’t have a good example of an editor that I’ve used that does this out of the box, but from experience with a custom EMACS config it works pretty well) or opening a box similar to notion’s formula box).


Waiting for this feature too!