Unique tag view


Be able to have a list of tags (or other relationships), leading to a list of objects with that tag


Have a “single list of relation elements” object?
This view smust above all be able to be placed in the sidebar.
And clicking on one of the items would open a set filtered by this relation value.
For tag relations, this display could be used for other applications (management, sorting, number of objects, etc. See below).


Easy access to all objet with this tag.
A few examples will tell the whole story…

… even in this forum:

… in Evernote :

… gmail (yeah… it shows that a tag system can be used like a folder tree)


Having the possibility to create a set of tag, grouping by tag (no Grouping option for now).
But UX not as good and not as flexible to use

… like in Notion :


There are many FR (and bug) related to tag.
That’s a lot of little things, but they could all be covered in a single topic: “Improving tags”.

Master tag system :

Search by tags :

Result by tags :

Reorder tags :

Bug :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to make the same exact post. I feel the current system is a bit strange.

I would have thought that Anytype would work like this:

  • Object Type is the syntactical element → the structure of the data. An object can only have one type.
  • Tag is the semantical element → the content/meaning of the data. An object can have any number of tags to categorise its content or purpose.

As of now, the system is a bit wonky:

  • Object Type: An object type is used for two purposes at the same time, mostly the structure through defining a template and relations (syntactical), and also defining the purpose of the object (semantical). This is very murky and does not work very well in my opinion, since you cannot have multiple object types and the meaning of the data is usually almost impossible to define using a singular term.
  • Tags: They are simply a bunch of strings linked together under an object’s relations. They are purely used in a semantical way.

The tag system is missing a few key properties to be effective as a first class citizen:

  • Searching: we cannot use the tags to search in the Anytype space using “modkey + S”
  • Viewing: We should be able to see a tag cloud, either next to the graph view where tags could be seen as a cloud and clicking a tag would display the objects that have this tag, AND/OR as a list.
  • Filtering: The current system requires to create a set filtering on all object types, and then specify certain tags to run the query. This is not very intuitive.

This is meant as constructive criticism. I really love this project and the philosophy behind. Anytype and its team are amazing! :heart:


@ervernote user, please vote and a your usercase in a reply😁.

Notion community seems to be more powerful but Evernote community has simpler needs to integrate in order to switch over. I think.

So don’t hesitate to vote so that the AT team can work on it at their end-of-August meeting, put it quickly on the development schedule and get it completed quickly (and so that everyone abandons Evernote for AT just as quickly ^^).



Last version of Evernote also has interesting tag management, with a complete list of tags!