New Type of Pages - Whiteboard/Canvas

A useful opportunity for me would be to create a new type of pages. The type of pages on which it will be possible to place graphic elements, forming schemes, diagrams, mind maps and the like from them.

A good example of this is the Miro online service:

True, in Miro, special attention is paid to the possibility of user collaboration; personally, I do not need this opportunity. Basic functionality will be enough.

In principle, almost any graphic editor can be cited as an example. The necessary functionality is there.

And I would like to pay special attention to the process of moving elements around the workspace. In all MindMap programs, these processes are terribly inconvenient, they are not automated, and as a result, it takes more time to arrange objects in the workspace exactly and with the same distance than the work itself.

I will not rewrite my thought, I will quote myself from my other topic “[Semantic View for Workspase](Semantic View for Workspace)”:

I want to be able to do this in Anytype, because using multiple services is terribly awkward. If I use the same Miro, then I will not be able to link to any page in Anytype. And in principle, I want everything to be in one place, and not be scattered across several programs/services. It is not comfortable.


The only problem with Miro is that their Settings are too complicated to understand, I once had a whole canvas deleted due to not being able to understand if a canvas had me as the owner or not.

They surely make money, lots of it, but because there’s no competition against them. There’s no other platform (that I know) which makes exactly what the offer.

It would be quite useful if Anytype had some canvas feature.


If by canvas you mean infinite page canvas, then yes, that is being discussed, I believe Zhanna also mentioned this in one of the onboarding meetings, but is it going to be the same as Miro? I cannot really say.


I’d also use it. for visual planning of processes and storyboards, Anytype could replace another app (Figma, figjam, Invisison, Miro ect. and Milanote)


Same here, I currently using Notion and miro. Just wish I could have both functions in a single app.


Check Clover if that suits your needs in the time Anytype implements it

Is infinite page canvas still being discussed and/or on the roadmap?

For visual and spacial thinkers, infinite—and nestable canvases would be a hugely useful addition to Anytype

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See also Kosmik as an example of an infinite canvas and offline - they too respect privacy and seem very much Web 3.0 focused.

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I mentioned earlier the Kosmik App and there’s a good webinar that provides more background. It is IPFS based, like Anytype, will eventually be open source like Anytype and may also have API’s. This is really the decentralized web in the making! Very exciting.

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@div3xi is this still being discussed internally? I don’t see the feature on the roadmap, but it might still be on the radar.

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Very curious about this as well. After having looked at tools like Muse, Kosmik, and Heptabase, I’ve decided that visual and spacial relationships are very important to me for my note-taking and ideation. If Anytype were to include such functionality, it would be perfect. Spacial representation of semantic relationships (a la Heptabase), as well as intuitive, non-semantic spacial placement and markup. And other combinations