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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I noticed in the Import section in the Anytype settings that currently there is support for importing from Notion and a number of other options (Evernote, Roam Research, etc.) are greyed-out but labelled “soon” indicating those options are being worked on, is not listed there thus I assume it isn’t being worked on as an import option.

Would be great as a new user transitioning from to be able to point Anytype to their Obsidian directory and have everything imported into Anytype.

Describe the solution you’d like

Under the Import section of Anytype settings an option for could be selected, a file browser would then appear prompting the user to select their Obsidian directory, after doing so Anytype would scan the directory and import all of the user’s Obsidian documents as Anytype objects.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The markdown contents of each and every Obsidian document could be manually copied and pasted into Anytype and any particular incompatibilities between how Obsidian and Anytype handle markdown manually corrected, but depending upon the number of documents a user has in Obsidian this could be an unreasonably labour-intensive task.


As a heavy markdown user I strongly support this feature.
All the imported notes can be stored as a temporary object type and allow us to batch edit them to the new object type.
For inline properties in Obsidian dataview (like key:: value), they can be turned into relations of the notes easily.