My opinion after a few weeks

Hi! I have been using Anytype on Windows and Android for several weeks. Previously i try to use similar aps (Notion, Craft and others), but no one of them not i like like Anytype! Of course, there are some things that I would like to see in the future in Anytype:

  1. Hierarchical system of structuring objects. The system of sets and objects is extremely interesting, but not that useful for me, sorry.
  2. Notifications. Notifications are simply necessary for tasks in Mobile Platforms (and maybe in PC/Mac)
  3. SVG Prewiew. It would be very cool if it was possible to view SVG files like pictures.
  4. Table of contents to the left of the text in the page. Table of contents are so great thing, but in large pages it would be nice to have a Table of Contents on the left side (like in Dropbox Pages)
  5. Ability to automatically turn off Anytype when the application closes. Now I need to turn off the application from here

For a closed alpha test, the result is fantastic, even for a public application it is very, very cool! Things I especially liked in Anytype:

  1. Design. Interface, Animations, Icons, Typografy, Colors, everything is so great!
  2. Android App. Lightning fast and smooth (unlike many other slow note-taking applications) and with great iOS design in Android (yes, i use Android, but of course, iOS desing is better then Material Desing and Material You Design)
  3. Offline working. Sometimes i have to write something when there is no internet connection.
  4. Vision of Anytype. Open Source, Privacy and Help to users is always good!
The language barrier

i’m not native speaker of Engilsh, so sorry for the grammatical and other errors :upside_down_face:.


Thanks very much for your kind words and mindful review of Anytype. We’re glad your experience has been pleasant and we hope someday to fully meet your needs!

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Hi @neyes thanks for sharing your experience. I’m linking some topics here to make sure you see what feature you’d like to see are already covered in existing feature requests. For the other ones it would be great if you could submit your own feature requests!

I hope I get your remark right! There are many people asking for some way or form to structure their content in Anytype. Setting up an hierarchy for your Objects is one of the suggestions made by several alpha users.

Maybe you can elaborate on how you prefer to organize your Objects?

I agree and we are not alone:

I don’t think there is a feature request specifically for view SVG icons, but there is this FR to allow SVG’s to be used for page icons, which would in the end result in the same thing: SVG’s being supported to be previewed within an Object (either as icon or as image block/inline image):

I was so sure there is a feature request to allow the TOC to be displayed in the sidebar, but… I cannot find it right now, so it might only exist in my head. There are some larger discussions about what should(n’t) be displayed in the sidebar and multitasking in general (multiple panes, multiple windows, etc.), but I’d like to invite you to submit your own feature request for this one.

I think this is a bug and should be resolved already:

If you are indeed still experiencing this, please let us know! In the meantime, check out this feature request that is related:

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