Layout as a Type with templates

I searched but didn’t find these specific requests or ideas or maybe these things are already possible and I don’t know how yet.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Right now AnyType has three layouts for an object with the recurring items (cover, icon, title, …) in the header of the page.

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be nice if Layout became a Type in itself with the object having a header, footer, left and/or right sidebar that could contain any of these items as specific layout objects accompanied with other objects. If we look ahead to publishing objects or just styling them, you would create much more templating and/or theming possibilities focused on the style of AnyType.

Additional context
Adding to this:

  • The Cover could be a simple image object or a sliding set of images or a dynamical image from a certain category in Unsplash or … . Detailed in Set of images as a cover
  • The Cover Icon could be linked to a certain relation f.e. showing an updated icon based upon a status or a certain theme. Detailed in Cover icon linked to relation
  • The Dashboard as a one of a kind object in itself could have layouts as well, giving the freedom to build our own dashboard with dashboard objects. Wallpaper could use the same objects as the cover on regular objects. Detailed in Dashboard as a Type with Layouts
  • Although the graph is amazing, a hierarchy might come in handy as well. Looking ahead to publishing objects, you could have a hierarchy object (f.e. website linked to a domain served from AnyType or the sidebar) with an object possibly linked or referenced to other parents-objects in this hierarchy. Detailed in A Tree-object for hierarchical navigation

I’ve seen similar suggestions in discussions about the side panel, but it’s a good thing you created a request for this.

Nevertheless I think that each of the points in your additional context needs its own feature request. It’s easier for the developers and also to allow the community to indicate by votes :heartpulse: which features should be prioritized.


Ok, I’ll add them as separate requests tomorrow.

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As a graphic designer I would definitely vote for the first three :smile: but I will confess that I didn’t quite catch the last suggestion.

If you have the possibility and if it’s relevant, don’t hesitate to attach a mockup or an annotated screenshot, it helps everyone to understand. Some subjects need it more than others.


All great suggestions. Especially the second one :smile: The docs page also states that the team is building out layouts to be extendable so in futute users can create their own.


Definitely keen for icons to be a relation in themselves. I’ve been using pictures as icons, but I have to reupload them for every new page. Would be great to have an image type (eg icon) and then be able to select them from the same panel with the emojis.


Thank you for digging to find out this gem. It’s a pity that all these features already planned are not visible in the roadmap.

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Created separate requests (more or less). I might do a mockup once the new sidebar is introduced. First want to know where they’re going with the basic UI.

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Haha, I said about the same thing a few months ago!

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