Minimize to system tray

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I want to have my note-taking tool ready at all times. Need to write something down? I want to do it as quickly and easily as possible. Need to look something up? Same thing.

But it’s not something I want to keep in the foreground, not something that should clutter my application bar.

It should just be there on standby.

Describe the solution you’d like

When pressing close (x), instead of actually quitting, make anytype minimize into the system tray.

Either as default behavior or as an option to toggle between actual quitting and minimizing.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

If one could stay logged in and the starting times were faster, it would be less of a problem, but still not ideal.

And for me personally, if a browser version existed, I would just keep it pinned in my browser instead of using the desktop app, which would also solve it, but that’s not really a fix either.


+1 for this, I use notion-enhancer to keep Notion minimized to access it quickly.


+1. My second brain needs to be on standby :slight_smile:


The desktop app is pretty slow to open and load. This really should be a priority. Especially since the tray functionality is already there.

+1. But also it will be better if when I click X to close, i will be prompt to decide whether close or minimize, and checkbox for save that behavior for further.

See also this thread on the current issues around (gracefully) closing anytype:

Closing the app only hides the foreground app - Bug Reports - Anytype Community

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