Desired Guidance: best practice reference hierarchies and archetype skeletons

howdy all!

Truly, LOVING anytype. This is really something else!

I’m not sure where the best place for this is, but I’m hoping to encourage some discussion around the use cases/data model design skeletons

These references/ prototypes… in my mind… would help demonstrate the ‘this is how we think laying out your pages/sets/objects/references is going to be best as of today…’ for different archtetypical use-cases.

The power I see in anytype is the INCREDIBLE flexibility.
I suspect that’s also going to be part of its challenge…
Everyone’s a snowflake :wink:

I’m coming from extensive experience with the evolution of configuration management and devops universes.
When these tools were just getting started, the flexibility and variability contributed to a myriad of problems for devs and users alike.
In the absence of guidance, there’s no ‘wrong’ way to …
which, is a blessing and a curse… everyone’s need is a bit different, and that flexibility can be wonderful…

AND some ways are more, or less problematic down the road…

Even then, when we collectively realize… oh crap... well... that wasn't the best long-term strategy, now was it?...

we have to go back to the drawing board… but at least it’s a collective experience undertaken by the majority of the community so it becomes… if nothing else… retrospectively bonding.

anyone who was working with puppet in the 0.x days can attest to the patterns that were best practice last (month?week?) are today’s antipatterns

Having consistency of the core uses / bits helps with a bunch of things…

  • gives developers a good test-bed for edge cases
  • gives user experiences a deeper groove of consistency
  • helps streamline development, as fewer edge-cases have to be worked around
  • helps call out antipatterns and gotchas that are discovered as the community and use cases evolve
  • helps encourage collaboration, as there are fewer scenarios of irreconcilable incompatibilities between deployments’ hierarchies

What do y’all think? am I… barking up the wrong tree here?


Hi @Wolfspyre!

I agree with your “verdict” on the downside of so much flexibility without (enough?) guidance, and I think this feedback can be found in different wording across many “first impressions” posts. Just want to let you and others that might be wondering the same know that the Anytype team mentioned during February’s community townhall session on Discord that they are working on such guidance/documentation. I can’t remember whether any (estimated) timeline was mentioned. Anytype is still in alpha stage, certain features might still change together with which best practices may change over time, just like your puppet reference.