Option to have rows in Sets be nested (and foldable) based on page hierarchy

I will use as an example History notes, but this would apply to any content type that requires (or could benefit from) nesting. Note this would require some sort of tree structure (where parents-children relations are explicit), which I don’t think we have.

Say I have a page for “Conflict A”, and four pages linked to it for specific events within that conflict (for example, “Battle 1”, “Battle 2” and “Battle 3”).

I’d like to be able to have a Set view in which the hierarchy between these entries is visually represented, and with the possibility of folding/unfolding rows into/out of each other.

Ideally I’d also want to be able to quickly pick a depth level. If I pick 0, this only show parents. In the example above, I’d only see the rows referring to the main Conflicts. If I pick 1, it shows parents and all its children. In this case, I’d see the rows for the main Conflicts, and under each the Battles related to them (formatted in a way that reflects this hierarchy - perhaps slightly indented and smaller font).

Graph view works great for this kind of nesting when there is no linearity involved (such as a tree of the human organs, sub-organs etc). But for content such as the one mentioned above, it’s essential to view the entries as a timeline. (Note this should still allow children to have multiple parents - these rows would simply be duplicated where relevant)

As I mentioned at the top, I guess this would require some sort of explicit tree structure, in which it’s clear which pages are children of which pages (currently it seems all links go both ways?). Not sure if this already exists or will be implemented.

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I think what you want is a Hierarchical List View, like this, right?

Some sort of concept for hierarchy will need to exist for the upcoming Tree View, so something like this may be possible in the future. It’s definitely a very useful view!


Yep, seems to be it! Thanks!

If such functionality appears, it will be just great

Links in Anytype are directional so you can click on a link to go from page A to B, but there is no magic link on page B to go back to page A. You will need to add that link manually. You can use the navigation button to see what pages link to your current page (backlinks).

I think there will be a challenge in determining what the root page is to start with in the Set. I’m wondering how you’d (prefer to) see circular references like I describe here.

Maybe choosing a “root” Object manually as part of the configuration of the Set would resolve this?

Just to add: yes I’d like a nested UI similar to that, but with an important difference:
I’d like it to be presented like a grid view set, showing any columns I pick to see. I know this might make it tricky to communicate the nesting (and UI for folding/unfolding). But I think it’s doable.

In other words, I want the existing Grid View to support nesting,