A Tree-object for hierarchical navigation

As referenced in Layout as a Type with templates I would like a Tree-object.

Although the graph is amazing, a hierarchy or tree might come in handy as well. An object could be linked to or used in multiple tree-objects. You would also have to state which object is the parent (the tree or some other object within the tree).

You could use a tree-object as a table of contents on a page. This could be created automatically based upon the headings. You could use a tree-object in navigation. I don’t know how the upcoming sidebar is going to be implemented, but it could be/contain a set of tree-objects you can manually create and adjust.

If we can start publishing objects to the internet, linked to a certain domain, a tree-object could be linked to custom anytype-url (as it is done in notion) or you could attach your own domainname to the tree. The root would be f.e. www.domain.ext. Every object referenced in the tree would become www.domain.ext/object-slug/… .


See if these request do not already concern what you are talking about.

That’s nice but something different. I suggest a type in which you can place other objects into a tree-structure. This object could be included on the canvas or in the sidebar. This object could have a domainname or url as a relation. The objects in the tree would become pages underneath the url resulting in a published website.

Ok I see better. The problem is that there are still unknowns:

  1. How will the publication of Objects work? Either only the published Objects will be published, or we will be able to include our nested Objects inside, like on Notion.

  2. Under which URL will be displayed these shared Objects ? The IPFS protocol may not allow a redirection to a classic domain name. I don’t know.

When publishing a tree-object, every object underneath it would be automatically published. Although I do see an issue if an object in the tree links to other objects not referenced in the tree. These links could need to be turned into unclickable text to prevent someone from following a link to an unpublished object.

You link a domain to the tree-object.

I’m new to IPFS. I’m going to do some reading.

I did some reading on IPFS and found DNSLink (https://dnslink.io) and Pinata (https://www.pinata.cloud) both linking IPFS-data to a domainname. Maybe this might be a service AnyType could offer in the (near) future for a certain price?

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