List of Tag-related Bug Reports and Requests

There are many major and minor bugs with Tags that cause confusion. I think it would be great if someone from the Anytype team could share the vision of how tags should work so we can all submit bugs towards that vision. Secondly, I will list several tag-related bugs in different categories.

Tag storage and retrieval

The most important category is “Tag storage and retrieval”, meaning: creating new tags (name and color) and seeing those created tags back as suggestions in the right place with the correct properties (correct name and color).

Tags in Sets

Also important, but maybe less than the storage of tags (?) is working with Tags in Sets (adding, removing, editing).

Adding Tags in Objects

Please link any other issues I’ve missed in a post below and I’ll update my post!


Great summary! I’ve personally faced many of these.

Also some of the issues mentioned seem to happen with “statuses” too.


Yes, I believe sorting is also affected for status relations


Hey @sambouwer thank you for organising and prioritizing this list!

We have documented these issues and will be addressing tag logic fully to make sure that the flow is sensible and bugs are taken care of.

For give a rough expectation, the team is occupied for the couple of sprints with relations refactoring and types/relations decluttering. After that we look forward to implementing improvements to the Tags and Templates flows :slight_smile:


Just by accident, I caught Anytype changing the color and the name of my tag. I haven’t done much. Just renaming an existing tag and maybe hit enter.

This bug keeps happening for me over and over again. I also have multiple tags that are still not deletable and keep showing up again like already mentioned in the post.

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  • Creating or renaming a tag creates a new, different tag with a random name you can not delete (happen twice within the last 5min. Also happened before.)
  • When renaming a tag, the cursor jumps to the search every time
  • After the cursor jumps, - enter - doesn’t safe the changes for the renamed tag
  • After renaming a tag, - enter - selects a random tag and assigns it to the object

Hello guys :nerd_face: Many of these bugs have been fixed in our latest release alongside with the ability to delete tags. Can you update request if it is still relevant please

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