First impressions of anytype

Hello everyone,

I just started using anytype yesterday. I did go through the app interface and navigation. As a habit, I always make a list of pros and cons as comparison with other apps, what the new app’s good at and what it lacks of. I have to say it’s very much like Notion but works offline, free and secure.


  • Version History: Restore to older version
  • Support offline
  • Free & using computer storage
  • Search bar always stays at the top
  • Tables support multiple lines within a cell


  • No embedded Youtube video (iframe)
  • Bugs
  1. Delete key does not work. E.g. when I select a block / table row or column, it pops up a list of options including delete (del). I hit delete key on Mac, but it won’t delete.
  2. Color options have to be clicked twice. E.g.When I select a group of text, it pops up a format list. I have to click one of the color options twice.
  3. I cannot delete metadata key value. E.g. in status, I type the value done. Then I decided to change it to Completed. But I cannot delete the older value done. It just re-surfaces every single time.
  • No empty space to breathe at the bottom page
  • Single window: no multiple panes like Obsidian
  • Keyboard shortcuts modification? What is the hotkey for underline ?

What I expect

  • Support Calendar view
  • Tag supports Apple emoji
  • Change relation type
  • Outline to navigate within a long page
  • Popover when hover a cursor over a link / object. That is one of the most powerful features in Obsidian that makes it great ! I just quickly scan the content of the object instead going in & out.

I have a calendar view feature request that you can upvote to help consider it faster and bring it into production and testing

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Hi @Missionary, thanks for sharing your first impression! Always good to see there are multiple pros in the list of first impressions :slight_smile: .

I’m linking some existing bug reports and feature requests so you can check them out and add a vote for the ones you like. Additionally, I’ll indicate where you could create your own bug reports of feature requests.

This is a known issue:

Could you make a screen recording of this, with the mouse clicks visualized if possible, and file that in a bug report? I haven’t seen anything similar on the forum, so you might have found a new bug.

This is a known issue with tags. For a comprehensive list of (other) issues with tags, check out:

Is this request similar enough?

Hold tight! This is coming (very) soon! See also Sprint Review (40) - News & Announcements / Road Map - Anytype Community.

Not possible yet, but requested here:

You are in for a treat. Version 0.28.0 is about to drop and this is listed in the release notes:


As your expectation is quite generic, I’ll share a search query that could help you narrow down your wishes :slight_smile: . Feel free to submit feature requests for anything you think is missing in the existing requests.

This is definitely a new one, but hey, why not support emoji in tags? I think it is a great idea! I invite you to submit a feature request for that. Feel free to DM me if you need some help with that :slight_smile: .

I think it is due to the nature of how data is stored in the Anytype database (and most database systems) that changing the low-level type of an Object is challenging. For example, going from a Relation of Type “Tag” to “Text” should be quite easy (just treat the content of the tag as text, done!). Going from Text to, let’s say, a number is a lot harder! Maybe I didn’t get your point, so let me know if that is the case!

You mean something like a table of contents, or more something like the little overview apps like VS Code offer when scrolling to indicate where you are on the page?

Looking forward to your thougts on my follow-up!

Thank you for your reply to my points.

Here is the video:

What I mean was that I would like to scroll down and way pass the bottom page so the last content would be in the middle section of the page. That way I can have some space to breathe at the bottom page.


The note I took in Obsidian. There are plenty of space to breathe at the bottom.

Yeah like table of contents. I can navigate headings within an object, especially long object.

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Thanks! That indeed seems to be a bug. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this on my version. I’m running a pre-release version so that might be the reason. Could you share your version?

Menu > Anytype > About Anytype


If you are running anything older than 0.27.0, please update and then check again. If you already are on 0.27.0, we should file a bug report for this.

That seems to be exactly what the OP from the linked topic would like to see :smiley: . Someone made two suggestions on how this can be achieved/implemented. Feel free to add your own ideas in that topic :slight_smile:

You should already be able to add a TOC using “/toc”. I can imagine taht you actually want to see this for every Object and maybe in the sidebar instead of a TOC you have to add somewhere in your Object yourself? I could not find an existing feature request for that specifically, but there are some topics about improvements for the sidebar.

It’s up-to-date but the error of clicking color twice still persists.

Exactly, I wanna see it in the sidebar where I can navigate headings, especially in a long object.

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@Missionary I can reproduce this issue with clicking the color twice, now! It only happens in Objects of Type “Note”. I tested it before with a Page. The issue is no longer present if you change the Object Type to something else and then back to a Note.

Do you want to file a bug report, or shall I create one for you?

For the TOC in the sidebar, this seems to be a relevant and nice feature request:

Is that similar enough?

I see. Yeah sure, it would be great if you could file the bug report. Thanks for your help.

I’m a little confused… do you mean support of emoji in tags as a relation? because we can already do that…

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Ah, I learned something new today, thanks for sharing! Maybe support for specific kind of emoji?

Otherwise I don’t know what the request is… :grimacing:

That’s always nice to hear :blush:.

hmm, he said Apple emoiji which is the one I used… so I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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@Missionary could you shed some (more) light on your request for “Tag supports Apple emoji”?

I just gave it a try and it did work with emoji, but here’s the thing. If I use third-party Rocket app to generate emoji, it won’t work. And the emoji still works glitchy. What I mean is when I create a new emoji tag, it suggested and popped up the different already-created emoji tag.

Our command cmd + e for emoji screen do not work in relations fields and somewhere else. It is a known issue, it will be fixed. For now you can copy paste emojis or use system emoji providers - it will work

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@Missionary in a pre-release version I’m running this issue ("need to click the color twice) is already fixed, so this should be fixed in the next release (0.29.0).

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