Sprint Review (40)

With a bit of a delay we present: the meeting notes of sprint review 40!

Last Thursday :calendar: it was time for another sprint review meeting with the Anytype team :rocket:. This edition was a bit shorter, presumably because of holiday’s and of course because the teams are working on a lot of stuff in the background that is exciting for the future of Anytype, but less exciting for the alpha user that is thirsty for new features :milk_glass: .

:heart: Don’t forget to checkout this great topic by @Charlotte with a more extensive overview of what the team achieve in the last weeks, and what is on the planning for the rest of this quarter.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. The next release is planned for the 29th of August (only a week to go! :calendar:).

Process Improvements :gear:

No updates shared about improvements of business or development processes.

Product Updates


The list of new features that is being worked on is a bit shorter than last time, but as mentioned, this is not to be mistaken for a slowdown in development pace, but rather an indication that work is being done in less visible areas :male_detective:. Edit: after re-reading these notes, it’s quite an impressive list, actually :smile_cat:.

New features :fire:

  • :ring: Relations as Object are being reworked as part of the decluttering project
  • Object Types as Object (same, part of the decluttering project to allow the uninstallation/deletion of built-in Relations and Object Types that are unused in your workspace). Oh, I will be so happy when this is available. Spring cleaning :broom: at the end of summer (or whenever this reaches our Anytype installations)
  • :bucket: Kanban: the team has added the option to pick colors for your columns for a nice visual indication what bucket you are looking at.
  • :earth_americas: Web clipper: the team started working on a native extension to get those interwebz into your Anytype workspace :spider_web: (note the started, it will take some more time before this will be released :wink: )
  • :rocket: There is now a Release Candidate test group and the first pre-release is out for testing! Thank you to the lovely alpha testers that help to get rid of some nasty bugs :beetle: before a release goes out to the whole alpha user community. We started only last Friday shipping out the first release candidate, so we will share some more news about this later.
  • :bookmark: Bookmark Objects can be edited and content from the bookmark can be reloaded (in case the URL changed, or the content behind the URL changed).

Bug Fixes :hammer:

Again many (many!) bugs have been squashed in the past two weeks :muscle: with the hard work of the Desktop team :heart:. Keep your eyes peeled for the full release notes in about two weeks.


New features :fire:

  • :star: Set Gallery view has been greatly improved with lots of settings to play around with (icon toggle, card size, and much more).
  • :flashlight: Set filters have been improved
  • :bookmark: Another great example of the release train :bullettrain_front: (synced release of features across platforms): Bookmarks have been improved. You can long-tap to open the URL, reload URL/Object content, Open as Object)


New features :fire:

  • @-mentions allow a new Object to be created
  • Underline styling is being added
  • History tab is renamed to Recent for uniformity across platforms

Bug Fixes :hammer:

The ones I deem most important, relevant, or interesting are listed here. The full list will be shared in the release notes for the Android release.

  • :recycle: Objects are now closed after moving to bin
  • :bookmark: Bookmark Sets and options (same as iOS and Desktop) #releasetrain
  • This one looks small, but you’ll see that this is a great “quality of life” improvement for everyday use: “actions” are possible for Relations. Is your Relation a phone nubmer? :call_me_hand: call directly from the Relation! Is your Relation an email address? :envelope_with_arrow: write that email and send it onto the web!

Other Improvements

  • :1st_place_medal: TOC has a placeholder if no headers are present in the rest of the Object (yet)
  • Text cursor focus is being improved
  • Order of Block action menu is improved.


No updates shared for Anytype’s middleware.


  • The Announcing: Anytype Testers Group :star_struck: is now live and available for you to share your in-depth feedback. It allows the Anytype team to connect to alpha users to find out how features are being used, and where those pain points really are. Make sure to check out the post if you haven’t already. I’m so happy to see all these initiatives to increase transparency and really connect to the community. Of course, share your thoughts (comment below, DM to @Charlotte) if you have ideas how we can improve even more!
  • As mentioned above, a “Nightly testers” group has been set up to have a small group of alpha users intensively test releases before they are shipped. The insiders ring of the alpha program. The Knights of the Nightlies :horse_racing: . Even though we just got started today, some feedback already started to come in.


No updates from the design team.

That’s it for today, thanks again for reading along all the way to the end of this post! :heart: