Tag options cannot be deleted from the dropdown menu

Describe the bug

The “delete option” function for tags does not seem to work. Quitting the page and coming back reverses the deletion.


To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Delete a chosen tag
    1. Quit the set view or object you did this on
    1. Come back
    1. It is still there

Expected behavior

A deleted tag is deleted from all objects where it was applied and does not show up in the list.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: W10
  • Device: Desktop
  • Version: 0.18.54

Additional context

Maybe some sort of protection for accidental deletion is warranted ?


This is still a bug in the latest version even though most bugs with tags have been resolved.

Which with the testing from before and the bugs with invisible tags that is now resolved makes for some very confusing dropdowns menus for me.

Now when you delete the tag IT DOES make the tag disapear on all pages where it was put (intended behavior I expect) but it is still visible and un-erasable from the dropdown menu.

A recording showing the issue: (deleted tags reapear in the dropdown menu when leaving and re-entering the set)



Same thing here, you have to quit and re-enter the page to have them re-appear.

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Also, same here. Cant get rid of this one tag since database release.

@XxxBalCion Hi! Can’t you get rid of this tag in the latest app version, right?

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@Kirill_Lem 0.20.9 on Windows yes.

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Well it’s a minor bug but it was appearing in 0.21.9, seemed to be gone in 0.22.0 and reappears now in version 0.22.3 (Windows).


Also experiencing this with version 0.25.4 on macOS (M1)

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Experiencing this on 0.25.4 on Windows 10 and 11 (2 devices)

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Same issue on Anytype version: 0.25.4, Windows 11 Pro

Unfortunately, the issue is still present in 0.26.1.


Still experiencing this issue as well on v0.26.1, macOS M1

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Is this still in 0.27.0?

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Yes, still occurring in 0.27.0.


Still occurring in 0.29.1 it seems.


Still occurring in 0.30.0


Additional context:

  1. Create or use a TAG in page relationships.
  2. Go to the crosshair and delete any TAG.
  3. Try deleting another TAG.

Expected behavior: Delete option deletes the tag.
What happens: TAG is not deleted.

  1. Exit the current page.
  2. Open another page.

Expected behavior: The page opens normally.
What happens: The page doesn’t open and keeps loading indefinitely, forcing you to restart or reload the program.

Windows 10.
Anytype Version: 0.30.0


I’ve forwarded this issue with latest follow up reports to the development team.

Hey, do we have any news on that? Since now we can delete Types and Relations pre-installed, I thought we would be able to delete pre-installed Tags too.

I think the inital bug is fixed. I’m able to delete tags I created and the change stays.

@gsalles I see we can’t delete the “Tag” relation. Where do you see predefined tags?