First impressions & suggestions (of the App and the community page)

Hi, I have got access to Anytype just last week and I will share my thoughts here.
I am using Anytype on MacOS so it might be specific to my operating system.
My preferred app for my personal management system is the Layout of Notion with the privacy of Logseq, so I will compare Anytype with both.

First impression:

  • The Layout looks stunning. (+)

  • The app runs smoothly. (+)

  • Sometimes I have to check it it is automatically syncing, so I have to klick on the sync button to check that. Otherwise the changes I do (most of the time to the title of the page/set …) won’t be saved (-)

  • There is a lot of „friction" involved with the community page: (-)
    First: Unclarity
    Don’t get me wrong I do like the community page, but for me it’s way to unclear because any member can create a new topic (as I am doing right now, and reply to it) but how does the Anytype team / users keep track of all the incoming suggestions/questions/impressions without that one falls through the cracks … ?
    Wouldn’t it be better to create a survey with specific questions to ged rid of the "cleaning up“ in the chat rooms and the friction (writing in the chat takes a lot of time …) involved to give the team a quick feedback?
    (This maybe a reason why there isn’t so much of it).
    Second: Information distribution
    I wasn’t aware that I had to attend the onboarding session in order to get the code for the app.
    The informations of future updates/changes/new community content who stands out etc. could be sent by email/newsletter so anyone who has the app will be informed about it and doesn’t need to check all the chats on it and the roadmap of the app could be shown in Kanban view. (as in Logseq for example).

Suggestions (priority: highest to lowest)

  1. Sets: multiple Sets on a page
    Possibility to create different Sets on a page graphically as in Notion

  2. Sets: Board views
    Possibility to choose between different Board views: Kanban Board, Calendar, Formulas
    (Maybe even be possible to display the data graphically)

  3. Pages + Sets: Text and Set editing Styles
    Possibility for various Text (3 Styles in Notion) and Set editing Styles (thickness of rows/columns in tables) More Layout Options (full witdh of the page/set on the display)
    Possibility to Write information right under the Title of a page.
    Possibility of Callout Blocks
    Possibility of square Checkboxes

  4. Organization: Main Page, Sets, Favourites
    Possibility to change the order in Favourites and Sets easier by clicking in the Sidebar

  5. Additional Functions: Deletion of relations / Objects / Templates
    Possibility to delete relations, objects and templates (also the premade ones).

Thank You!
I would like to thank the whole team of Anytype for the great work you have done so far. Although the app is only in alpha phase, it makes a very good impression and like everything in life: Good things take time.

The promising future
Anyway, I’m very excited to see where the road leads, with an eye on the promising future updates. I am really looking forward to the next update, in Order to use the full potential of the Anytype and switching to it 100%.


Hi @AnyChris, thanks for sharing your first experience with Anytype!

On your first and second point about the friction you experience regarding the community forum: I’m happy you’re sharing this feedback about the community forum! There has been quite some feedback about the lack of communication from the Anytype team on any platform, but especially this (Discourse) forum. I recently posted an update on how the Anytype team is planning to improve on this. You can read it here, and I think you might be interested in the last part about the integration between this forum (and its contents) and the internal work tracker as it might address your first point at least partially. Additionally, the Anytype team is working to increase the interaction between the Alpha users and Anytype QA teams and devs, which should become more visible in the coming weeks or months (sorry, also here no strict ETA).

Regarding your second point, I believe the Anytype is also revising what platforms to use for communication, as the spreading of information is now very dispersed across (IMO) too many platforms. I’m not sure whether a newsletter would be just adding another channel, but I fully agree that not only the content and frequency but also the channels/means of communication should be improved.

Now, let me link to existing feature requests or bug reports, or just comment on your suggestions.

This is planned but there is no ETA yet.

Kanban board should be coming pretty soon, probably one of the upcoming releases.

Calendar view sounds like a great idea! I found this interesting topic discussing Kanban-like-calendar view (or calender-like-Kanban?!). It might be time for a topic to gather all requests around Set Views :slight_smile:

I won’t link to all feature requests for each and every (sub)request, but I think these two cover your requests pretty well:

I would like to invite you to use the search function to search for the existing feature requests and submit one of your own if you feel your request is different/new.

Deleting Relations and other (default) Objects is an often asked feature request and the team is definitely aware of this request. See this FR and discussion:

It would be great if you are willing to share your experience again after a few weeks of usage to find out what your common workflows are, and what your main painpoints are (both in app and about the project/communication/etc.).

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