Update on communication towards the Anytype community

Hi Anytype community! :wave:

An often-voiced point of feedback that we (moderators) hear is the lack of (structured) communication towards the community. Up to now, updates have been shared via release notes and ad-hoc replies from the Anytype team via different channels (Discourse forum, Telegram, Discord). The Anytype team shared that they are working on improving the flow of information to the community in several ways:

  • Sharing the middle to longer term plans and directions in posts like these. The current goal is to post these outlooks about every 6 weeks, but time will tell whether this schedule is too ambitious or not frequent enough. NB: Q3H1 refers to the first half (“H1”) of the third quarter (“Q3”) of the year.
  • Reviving the community town hall meetings hosted on Discord to welcome new users and to share content similar to what is posted in the “What we’re working on” posts, but then interactive! The next town hall is planned for the 25th of July (to be announced here on the forum and in Discord when the date is final).
  • Sharing updates based on the content discussed during a bi-weekly sprint review meeting. Note that these meeting notes are currently prepared and posted by moderators, so there will be a delay at times between the meeting itself and the notes being posted.
  • Setting up a link between the forum and the dev work tracker to have closer and clearer collaboration between alpha users, moderators, the QA team and developers/engineers. The link is set up and is being tested for both bug reports (for improved support and troubleshooting) and feature requests (for improved status tracking).

This should add some transparency and structure to the interaction between the Anytype team and you (alpha users) and their much values input and contributions :heart:


Thanks for that! We appreciate the transparency.

For those of us not able to participate in Discord, would be great if we could have access to recordings of the Town Halls to watch when possible (assuming these are video calls?).


A recording for users, not able to attend would be good. The last Town Hall calls were in video, but it was mostly Enda answering questions of the chat. So to be a useful video you also need to have the questions.

@endac , tagging you, because you where leading the last calls. You may forward this if needed.
Is recording still planned? If I’m right also other platforms were considered in one of the earlier Town Hall calls. To get the questions in the video I guess the questions have to be read out loud and then answered?


Thanks @sambouwer for the digest of our Anyteam plans, you’re bringing us closer step-by-step to meeting our ambitions! The enormous reservoir of contributions from our diligent Mods and expert Alpha Testers is a shining model of how the future can look. Anytype is so much stronger with you guys!

Yes @Flip the previous Town Halls were recorded, I will try to track them down. This next one (officially confirmed for July 25th) will be recorded as well, and I expect for the sake of simplicity, we will host it again on Discord. You’re correct that we’re considering using another platform which is capable of supporting podcasts and round-table style discussions etc. in tandem with our AMAs.

Absolutely, we can now consult the Community to prepare some :speaking_head: for the broadcast! :satellite::globe_with_meridians::artificial_satellite:


Unfortunately I have limited time to contribute to Anytype, which is why I don’t participate on Telegram or Discord.

It’s still unclear to me if users who don’t use Discord will be able to have access to these town hall recordings. Will you share them here in the forums as well? Ideally, I’d also like to send a couple of questions for the Q&A. Perhaps have a post/section in the forums for that (if there isn’t already)?


We will announce it soon and open submissions of any matter our Community would like to discuss!

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