On my search for an actual up-to-date road map I was happy to find a link to it at the bottom of this page:

… sadly it says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." when I click on it.

I’m still rather new here and I’m trying to engage and help by opening bug reports, feature requests and joining the discussion, but I’m still not clear on what topics are in what state of development or even consideration.
All I could find was some general “will come in the future” information on some features.

Is this a conscious decision by the devs to not openly share what they are currently working on in what stage and so on? I’d love to see a progress board where we could follow along the progress of different features and bug-squashing.


I agree with you. I would like to have access to such a progress board too.

The “Roadmap” link in the documentation works fine for me. It leads me here:

Absolutely true. It is being worked on (for quite a while). I currently have no information about the status of this topic. Those topics were also discussed here: We need improvements to the current bug and issue tracker.
And i brought this topic up once again maybe two weeks ago to the team.
All I can say for now is, they are aware of this situation.

The Link leads to that site for me too. The only Problem is, that you probably have more rights and see it because you are a moderator. The Site that the link leads to looks like this for me:

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Got it.
@Angelo, could you pass that along to replace the URL in the documentation?

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Thank you for your support! I was starting to question my sanity.

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Happy to help! I’m interrested in this topic too xD

@zwometer @Lupree Can you please check if you can access the following URL?

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this is the only link that works for me

Yes, this one works.
Is there a regular release of these news planned? Looking at the time difference between the last post and the one before that leaves me worried… That was almost a year… (or am I missing something?)


You are not missing anything.
Increasing the amount and frequency of information communicated is a known issue and will hopefully change in the near future.


I’ve updated the link to an actual roadmap
@zwometer thank you for notifying us!

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It still takes me here:

So I don’t see any change.

Can you see the roadmap? If yes, it’s the current roadmap.

I see the forum thread with the latest post from April 19.
I understood from @Vova’s post that the link is now supposed to take me “to an actual roadmap”.

It is the latest roadmap, we currently have.

Ok, then I completely misunderstood what @Vova meant by “an actual roadmap”.
Sorry that’s on me. Thanks for clearing it up, @Flip :slight_smile:


Hi! Please check out this topic on how the roadmap and other status updates will be shared in the future:

I hope that these changes will both clarify what the latest shared information is regarding roadmap (topics with a naming convention) and that the increased frequency and regular updates increase transparency of the status of the project.

@zwometer let me know if you think the issue(s) raised in the topic is resolved so we can close this topic.

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Sounds awesome!
Looking forward to all the information :slight_smile:

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