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While the built-in options for headings and various text types are there, I’d really like to modify them, because they are either too big or too small for my purposes. It is not very beautiful to have regular text and relations to be differently sized. In addition to that, headings are way too big and take up too much space. It is also impossible to center the text or justify it.

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I would like to be able to configure the font types to the standards of my organization (or to my linking), for example:
Heading 1: Open Sans, 14, bold, spacing before 1,5, spacing after 2…
Heading 2: Open Sans, 12, bold, spacing before 1,5, spacing after 2…
Heading 3: Open Sans, 11, bold, spacing before 1,5, spacing after 2…
Text: Open sans 11 …
This would be done through general options in a sub category called “Font styles” or something like that.

It would also be very handy if it was possible to configure position of the text. There currently is only the option to have it on the right or on the left. I would like to see other typical options as well, which would be positioned in the quick menu that appears when you select text.

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We indeed need more flexibility regarding styling compared to what we have right now (fixed font sizes, bold, italic, strikethrough, font and highlight color). A request with a limited scope (font size and fontface) was created in the past:

I think your suggestion to allow the fonts to be more configurable is good, but I feel the implementation could be right in the quick menu that you mention in the last part of your message. The menu is activated by selecting the text you want to format:


This menu and the menu that can be activated by clicking on the ellipsis button at the far left of a line should be aligned to have the same (order of) options available as the quick menu. Of course, the ellipsis menu has and will always have more options because it acts on the whole line (object) instead of a subpart of the object (like a single word).


The quick menu should of course not be too cluttered and become a complex thing on its own. I think the following should be(come) part of the quick menu by borrowing some parts of a text editor like MS Word:


  • Font
    • Font (typeface)
    • Font size
  • Font styling
    • Font color
    • Highlight color
    • Font emphasis (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough)
    • Outline (left, right, center, justify)
  • Style (predefined combinations of all of the font options)
    • Maybe a visually different menu option could be added at the top or bottom of the list of styles to allow you to configure those. I think it would not hurt to add this option to the Settings as well. I would suggest a settings category “personalization” where options like these (and for example localization) can be set.

I don’t think I would personally use the options for a (numbered) list MS Word provides in their quick access toolbar as I think I would prefer to use “/” on my keyboard to create checkboxes, or use “*” or “1.” to start a list like you would do with Markdown markup.

In addition, I would like to reference a feature request that would further improve the options to style and format your texts as an addition to the improvement of inline editing:


Thanks for your throughout input! I very much agree with you. While we need these options the quick menu should stay as clean and minimal as possible, because it is called a quick menu for a reason. Using your idea with grouping similar options does solve the problem with over crowding the menu.

I think however, we still need a separate tab in options that would allow for detailed customization of different styles. I do not think that adding new styles in necessary, but the ability of customizing existing ones is mandatory, as everyone has different tastes, but most importantly, a lot of companies that would adopt Anytype in the future do have their own styling rules.

Here is an example of how the tab would look like.


If adding this kind of customization per object or section is truly too much, I think if it’s standardized in a setting tab it should be at least customizable per kind of object: the format I use for, let’s say, my personal notes is not the same format I would use for a writing manuscript I want to submit to someone.

This said, I think that adding the ability to change formatting per block would be quite useful: using a different font and character size in a section that I’m highlighting would help making it pop in the page, for example.

EDIT: another example that is maybe more applicable and less abstract: different languages may need different fonts and sizes. If I’m writing a translation, I would need text in two different fonts/sizes on the same pages. Sure, the quick menu is to be simple, but if I don’t have this kind of functionality that honestly? I find really basic, I don’t think I will be able to move on from using Word or Google Docs for my work.

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Nice mockup! I very much agree with the quick menu note, it should not become cluttered. I think the combination of allowing users to define their preferences from the relevant options in the quick menu AND allowing them to set these in the Settings menu makes it easiest to find. The Settings menu is still quite rudimentary IMHO. I can imagine that after some more development time more Settings options pile up, so I would expect a categorized Settings menu would need to be created. I would be very much in favor of creating that categorization in the Settings menu early on, as it could prevent Settings options to be moved around when the list of menu items becomes too long for a “one-layer” menu (I mean a menu without submenu items). People usually don’t like a change of structure, so setting up an extensible menu structure right now helps with that.

I should create a separate feature request for this, but anyway, something like this:

  • Personalization
    • Styles
    • Localization
    • Wallpaper
  • Security
    • Keychain phrase
    • Pin code
    • (in the future when sharing becomes possible) Sharing
  • Account
    • Payment/subscription details (when subscriptions are launched)
    • Storage usage (local and cloud backup)
      • Import
      • Export

This is fantastic idea! You should definitely make a separate post about it. I think that it is the most logical step in designing settings menu to avoid overwhelming the user with plethora of options. I think that the best settings menu in general is in Elementary OS. But I think that further discussion of the settings menu should move to its own post.

I’ll check out that os menu :slight_smile: