Ability to freely reorder Sidebar Sets and Favorites


The Sidebar Sets and Favorites cannot be reordered.


Giving us the ability to freely reorder Sidebar Sets and Favorites, the same way we reorder blocks in Objects.



Addictional context

You can be guided by the visual of this proposal:

Related although not the same as:


You can reorder the Favorites by reordering them in the “favorites” tab on the Dashboard.
Or would you like two different orders? One on the Dashboard and one for the sidebar?

The “Sets” otherwise can not be reorderd right now.

Good point, thanks :+1:t2:! But it remains very constraining… Everything should be possible from the sidebar in my opinion.

The sidebar only shows up to 20 sets. I already made here a “bug report”. But it seems this limitation was on purpose, so I guess I will have to change it to a feature request. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to reorder the sidebar sets in the future.

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I agree, reordering the favorites is a nice feature : i use it all the time on Notion

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