Ability to freely reorder Objects within Sets

The problem
It is not possible to freely rearrange the order of objects within Sets.

The solution
To have the ability to freely reorder Objects within Sets without necessarily using Filters. Like Notion’s does with Databases.


Additional context
Thanks to @sahilstudio for his feature request: Ability to reorder tag options.


As a workaround, You can use a dirty hack by using a custom relation called row number and sort the set based on it :sweat_smile:


Hm… I wonder how this would interact with the Sorts stuff. What if you are sorting on name, for example, and then manually move something? The program would have to store something to tell it that that column goes in that specific place within that sort. What happens if you change the sorting? Does it get rid of all manual placements or try to fit in the manual placements within the new sorting scheme? Would be an interesting programming project to experiment with, actually :smiley:

This Manual Ordering feature would work well if you were able only to toggle between either manual ordering or sorts.

Very interesting question!

The way Notion.so databases applies it seems the best way to do it for me. Default sorting would be in “Freely” mode and the order of objects would be stored and reapplied after any custom view deletion, like an alphabetical order.

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Ooh, that’s interesting, actually! Thanks!

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