Anytype Desktop 0.37.0 Released 🎁

Happy festive season, Anytypers! :snowman_with_snow: :sparkles:

To celebrate a stellar 2023, we wanted to dazzle you with one final release that checks off as many items from your feature wish list as possible. Let’s dive in!


Introducing: The ANY Experience Gallery

For all of you who’ve longingly admired the various setups others have shared in our community showcase, or for those of you who’ve created incredible setups of your own that you’ve wished to share, the wait is over.

Introducing: The ANY Experience gallery, a marketplace of use cases, templates, and setups where any member of our community can upload their own experience, or import an experience created by others. To browse the gallery, click here (we’ve kickstarted the process with a few experiences of our own). If you’d like to contribute your own experience to the gallery, you can follow the instructions here.

Embed Blocks

Now live! Simply type /embed in the editor to pull up a menu of currently supported embeds. These include: Mermaid diagrams, Youtube videos, Miro boards, Google Maps, and several more.

Backlinks MVP

Another highly-requested feature we’re thrilled to deliver with this release, is the first iteration of backlinks. Backlinks and forward links have been implemented as relations, and can be found in the relations panel of any object.

By default, if an object already has backlinks, the backlinks will be displayed as a featured relation, indicating the number of backlinks and - when clicked the linked objects. If an object has no backlinks, the relation will not be featured, but can be located in your relations panel.

Configurable Self-hosting & Local-Only Mode

The final feature in the highlight reel of this release is configurable settings for self-hosting and local-only mode for your data. To change your sync settings, log out of your account and tap the settings wheel in the top right of the window. There, you’ll see options to choose Self-hosting or Local-only.


New Object Creation Menu

When right-clicking the plus-button from the navigation menu, you’ll be presented with a menu of standard types, plus your most recently-used Types. In this way, we hope to reduce the number of clicks needed to create objects of a specific type, especially for those of you who love custom object types.

Object Creation from Widget

When hovering over any widget in your sidebar, you’ll see a new plus button next to the widget settings button. By pressing it, you can add any new object to the target widget.

Local Graph Mode

When selecting an object in the graph, you’ll have an option in the graph settings menu to toggle on ‘Local Graph’, which will display only the selected object and its linked objects, rather than your entire graph.

Widgets can now be created from object 3-dots menu

Any object can now be transformed into a widget simply by clicking the three-dots menu and selecting the first option: Create Widget.

Settings pages added to global search

You can now use the global search to navigate to your account settings pages, such as Preferences, Appearance, Recovery Phrase, and Data Management.

Search now includes content inside closed toggles

When using the Ctrl+F command in the editor, the search will now include content inside of closed toggles. If your search term is found inside the closed toggle, the toggle will open.

Japanese Language Added to Interface Options

Hooray! Japanese is now part of the growing pool of interface languages available on Desktop.

Updated Emoji Library

The emoji library has been updated to include additional emojis.

TECH :computer:

  • Fixed application icons in Linux builds (Thanks, D-Brox!)
  • Closed possible XSS attack vectors in block content (Thanks, dragorsrotaru!)

FIXES :bug:

  • Fixed: Calendar view now properly loads objects outside of current month (Thanks, edion86!)
  • Fixed: Emojis & Mentions can now be easily deleted with backspace (Thanks, @whereisj9!)
  • Fixed: Space key can now be used properly in @mention searches (Thanks, @dzshch)!
  • Fixed: Hovers for filter menu options are now working correctly for set & collection filters (Thanks, PavloUA!)

:mirror_ball: :dancer: :man_dancing: :mirror_ball:


Downloading update… :tada:


The AnyTeam always delivering :fire::fire: thanks for this christmas present :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


ooh nice, embeds, local graphs, and 日本語!


Wow, support for Mermaid! - Wonderful!
Didn’t expect that!
One less reason to look enviously to Obsidian and it’s endless mighty features!

A first test of a simple Mermaid diagram in an Embed shows a small problem with the visibility:

In dark mode are the title and some other (black) texts invisible.

It helps a bit to change the background from “default” to “grey”, as shown here in the image.
But even then - the contrast is low and the font size very small. The black texts are hard to read.

It would help better if it were possible to set the background explicitly to white.
(I don’t want to switch off the dark mode just to be able to recognize the text of the diagram)

But - hey - many thanks to the appreciated team for integrating such a powerful feature like mermaid! :+1: :smiley:


That one arrived way too much sooner than I expected! LOVE. YOU. GUYS! :heart_eyes::heart::heart:


I have created a task for adjusting theme colors in dark mode


Thanks @Razor !

I miss the color settings also for the graph view, because the thin Link-lines have too less contrast on a dark background.
It would be nice, if you’d integrate also this part in your task.

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Anytype now supports Chart.js, but I tried to put source code and nothing happen, is there a guide to use it? Thank you.


Thank you!

When you suddenly see a new release with some features you’ve been waiting for a long time …

Thank you very much Anytype Team for this Awesome Christmas gift! :gift:

I wish you a happy festive season too! :christmas_tree: :tada:


How amazing! Anytype rush forward to a new year!
I have received Anytype release from GitHub notification almost twice a day!
They did make a fascinating update on self-hosting and object links!

Thank you, Any Association!
It makes my life and work more organized!
Hope you have a good time!


Christmas came early! Thank you Any-team!


Thank you very much for this release! I couldn’t start using Anytype only because of the lack of self-hosting or at least a local-only mode. Now we have both of them! Thank you!
Could you please tell us 2 things though:

  1. If I save the files locally, where can I find those files/that container? I would like to make backups ~every week. I’m on Windows btw.
  2. How can I set up the self-hosting? Is there an instruction somewhere?

Thanks for local only, I was able to switch to it also. One question, how do I delete the data I have uploaded on anytype server. I want to keep this local network only. I can use the android app with local only mode, right?

Also I tried to delete synced files from Space settings, and now I have lost all my images. :frowning: I thought all the images etc were saved locally as well?

Edit - Yup… all pdfs… images etc are all gone. I never offloaded my data to server… it was just synced… so there should be local copies? at least that was my assumption. it’s going to take me weeks! Not sure if its even worth it.


Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this release. Looking forward to more feature-rich backlinks implementations in the future.


OMG :heart_eyes:

I’ve just been admiring the new backlinks features for the few days (in pre-release). I didn’t even know about the local graph, and new features in search. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Not to mention all the other features.

This is an awesome present.

Thank you so much Anytype team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a great end of the year. :blush:

Again, awesome work and thanks.


Thank you for this update AnyType Team!!
Merry Christmas!