Advanced Filters / Queries

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Filters in its current state seems to be a boolean AND of all the filters added. What I would love is to be able to establish relations between the filters myself, so that I can then filter if say Linked Projects contains Something or Linked project is empty. Right now, it is not possible to this or that kind of filter

Describe the solution you’d like
A formula like bar above the list of filters where the user can specify how they are applied. For starters, it would be great to have the three fundamental boolean operations, AND, OR and NOT. There are not filters already existing, so if this feature ever gets implemented, the existing not filters such as not equals etc can be removed so that the user can just add a NOT by themselves if required. This would also allow one to have a complex filter which would be useful when the number of objects in a set is high and / or when Creating of set by relation is released


+1, I would love to see this improvement as well! It seems the current way of filtering within Sets is always AND. Addition of OR (and NOT as suggested above) would make Set views a lot more functional.


Good one. I was just assuming this would happen, but it’s a good idea to request it.

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This is a decently old thread. Is there a reason why it still doesn’t have a status tag (like planned, started etc.) ?

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I think we simply haven’t gotten around all topics yet. I set the status to New to indicate the topic is ready for the devs!


We can see the demand on more complicated filtering feature. However we want at first streamline working with sets and introduce a new way of working with lists of objects alongside with inline version of sets. And after we will have a capacity to make filters more user friendly and robust. But the request is 100% acknowledged and will be implemented in order of priorities.


Hi! I’m just wondering if there’s been any further progress with the and/or additions to filters?
I personally find that this makes a very significant difference with how sets can be used especially inline and it’s very limiting to only be able to set one filter or AND filters per view.

Would love to see it implemented in the near future!


This one is planned for near future


Any update on when this is releasing? Seems like a basic feature for this type of app…

I’d recommend keeping the filters the way they are now (similar to Notion and Tana), and instead for the team to implement more advanced queries.

Here’s an example from Tana:

For less advanced users, this is paired up with the Find nodes command.
Everything in the command gives you suggestions as you move along.
When you type in “Find nodes with tag” it will initiate a search for tags similar how @ works in Anytype.


But how would I do this if I’m trying to use a filter that shows only “Priority #” > 7 And “Priority #” is empty?

When I add both of these filters nothing comes up on the list. I’m only allowed to use the relation once it seems.

You can’t, this hasn’t been implemented yet. The current filter system uses AND for all filters, while you need the OR logical operator to implement what you want.


I am little confused by this one response. Is there the option to introduce conditionals in filters (OR) like in Notion currently? Cause I couldn’t find them and I thing is a must for anyone that wants to migrate from Notion…

There is no such thing in AnyType at the moment.

I’m using the default “Status” relation. Why can’t I filter a set by “status is: in progress?” I can only filter by done is checked or unchecked. Doesn’t make any sense.

Definitely need this. At a very minimum, I need an OR filter so that I can filter my Kanban board to something like this:
Tasks not completed OR tasks completed not more than 14 days ago

You can filter by simple status - so yes, you can see everything with the status “in progress”. (This thread is about not being able to use more complicated “OR” style filters.)
You need to create a view, then set up the filter based on the “Status” relation.

is there any progress here? :slight_smile:

Some info here.

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It would be great if advanced filter can be applied to relation with relation type enabling object.


Creating relations between objects, there is no need to access media e.g. image, video etc. This is especially useful for relating to bookmarks, as the automatic loaded picture has the same name to the bookmark object. It always takes a few more second to identify the required object.