Ability to Resize a Graph Node

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

An option to resize a node in the graph view to provide emphasis to it which would help in better presentation of the graph view in a screenshot

Describe the solution you’d like

Two toggles to increase and decrease the size of a node when clicked

Additional context

Currently objects with more relations are displayed at a larger size and it makes sense for most cases. But it would make sense to display a node bigger when the presentation is focused on it even if it does not have manu relations

I’m not sure if the change in size should be remembered by Anytype so that next time one opens the graph view, the nodes previous sizes is remembered. Even if not a permanent solution, temporarily resizing a node for a screenshot would be great which would reset on opening the graph view again


This makes a lot of sense. I think the purpose of the graph view is to help thinking about the overall situation and focus on the key points, so I need to be able to clearly see the nodes I focus on. Just like the billboard used by the police to analyze the criminal network in the police film, just kidding :rofl: