Increase node size in graph view based on the amount of incoming links (eg like Obsidian)


I think the graph view could easily be made a bit more accessible by increasing the node size for a Object with many links*. This is something that every user of Obsidian, Logseq, RoamResearch, etc. is already used to:
Notes that have more (incoming) links/mentions in the knowledge base are shown enlarged in the graph view.

Given an output size, like the current one, for unlinked objects. ( A | B | C )
If now other objects reference this one object (B → A ← C) it (A) should be displayed slightly larger and thus be more prominent in the whole kowledge graph.

This means that if all notes have the same number of links, they should also have the same size. However, if an object is referenced more often, it should be displayed slightly larger.

*By links i mean any type of connection between notes / objects, so links as well as relations or any other possible connection.


For every x references to a note, the node within the graph view could scale by x%.
I don’t know about the exact formula, but this is what is could look like:


I think, it’s a fairly easy way to highlight important entry points in the knowledge graph, since the main topics and notes are usually closely linked.
Especially as the graph grows to include thousands of notes rather than just a few hundred, this provides visual structure to an otherwise cluttered view.


This feature request is basically about improving the clarity of the graph view. I am sure there are many more or other approaches that could be helpful. But since this request is already very specific, I can’t think of any direct alternatives right now.


One other solution already posted as a feature request is the option to manually set the size of a notes graph node:

I’m not sure if these feature requests are compatible. And while I think being able to manually setting the size could be a nice feature, I’d only see that as an additional feature on top of a general solution.