Option to show the content (blocks) of an Object in Set view (full or partial)


See title. When choosing what to show from each Object (in the case of Grid View, the columns, for example), I’d like one of the option to show the actual content of the Object (the blocks). With option to either show the full thing, or to crop it to a certain length. Should show anything that is part of the body of the object, be it paragraphs, images, embedded content etc.


Show this as an option when choosing what to show (excuse my horrible mockup).

There could be a slider with 3 levels.

  1. No
  2. Show first 200 chars
  3. Show full content

But this is just my first suggestion.


I know we have the Description Relation that can help with that. But I’d rather just have the first few lines (in the body) of my Object to be used instead. Or, in some cases, I might want the full content of the objects to show in Set View.


Maybe have an option to make the Description automatically pull from the Object’s content (though I have a feeling Description is limited to text).

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Hi! Often, the blocks are not relations (text/header/toggle/bullet/number blocks). Are you referring to Relation blocks only, or also text blocks?


Ahhh, so whatever is shown in the whole Object, not specific blocks :). I was thrown off by the print screen showing toggles for Relations.

That is the dialog that shows when you pick what to show in Sets. Currently it’s just Relations.

So there should be a single toggle added to show the object content? Like, first x characters?

I updated my post a bit.
Excuse my horrible, horrible mockup.
It’s meant just as a way to convey the idea :wink:

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Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:. If people read the whole topic they should have a pretty good understanding of what you would like to see.


What you mean is that simular to a page preview, like Obsidian has?

When you hover over a link in Obsidian you get to see a preview of the page, just a small bit and it shows whatever is on the first few lines be it icons, images, links, tags, text. It then just cuts off.

Now that preview, is what you would love to see in gallery or kanban view of sets, as an option?

When typing this, Notion does that! It’s called, show Card preview with options being None, Page Cover Image and Page content. Though not every blocktype is supported, just text types. See below where I added one page in the kanban board with some example content

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No, though hover preview is definitely a good FR.

I mean the content showing in the Set the same way as the other Relations do.

In Grid view, this means showing as one of the columns.

By the way, why does do your comments show with an alarm bell next to it in the notifications? (just curious)

Because I am all powerful wizard or this forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

(I have no idea, maybe because I have added an image? Or clicked on the reply button of your post, the small black arrow, not the big blue button?)

Oh oke, I think we mean the same thing, but use different wording for it. I think hehe

In the team we are sharing your need for more robust previews, however I think it will get to the production not earlier then in the next year due to preparations for the public release.
The request is 100% acknowledged so it will stick on our roadmap till implemented

Thanks @ignatovv

However I don’t think my request is about previews.

Unless in Anytype “preview” means something different than in other apps?

What I mean is that, in a Set in Grid view for example, I’d like the option to have one of the columns be the object’s full (or partial) content. (Yes, in some cases this might mean very vertically long Sets, if the object has a lot of content, as the whole object’s content would be shown within one single - potentially narrow - cell…However I see many use cases where this is useful).

Let me know if it’s still not clear!

Preview is more general term, about previewing content of underlying data. Like you suggested with special column or more robust preview in gallery or side by side list view alongside with content ob object like in a notes app. We are trying to approach the problem on a bigger scale to cover more use cases and provide more coherent experience. Your feature request covers a part of project.

Ok got it! Thanks for explaining.

I thought preview was just that - a preview.

In Sets, you can always edit the content directly there. That’s why I thought the term “preview” didn’t apply