First impressions (Obsidian and Notion user)


I’ve used a lot of note-taking software in the past including Slite, Joplin, Stackedit and looking for a note-taking software that will also function as a personal wiki. I am currently using Notion and Obsidian.

General Thoughts

  • Reminds me of Notion
  • The interface is very clean
  • The margins are way too big and I can’t find a way to reduce them
  • Copy-paste from markdown could be better. There’s # and ** marks everywhere after I paste.
  • I wish it remembered my reading position. On the desktop, sometimes when I go back to the previous page, it will remember the position I was at, and sometimes it will take me to the top of the page.
  • I like how customizable the pages are.
  • Is there a way to delete “Types”?
  • Not sure if this already exists, but I would like to open multiple pages at once. Ideally across multiple monitors.

So far I am really happy with AnyType. It’s already a lot better than some of the note-taking software I’ve used in the past. I look forward to seeing how it improves in the future.


Hi @Elisus, thanks for sharing your first impressions! I read a lot of thoughts that others have, too, especially the relation to Notion :slight_smile: .

Please use this option and use the slider to adjust the margins:

I’ve made a pull request for this to be added to the docs as I could not find any other reference to it.

There are several bug reports for this on the forum already, so I expect the devs are aware of issues with the import/copy-paste of markdown text. Thanks for sharing your experience anyway! If you have specific issues that you find that are not yet posted, please submit a new bug report.

I agree, that would be great! Please check out this request to see if that matches your idea. If not, feel free to submit a new Feature Request to explain what/how you think is missing or can be improved.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with the default Types for now. There are some discussions on this on the forum:

You are not alone! Feel free to upvote these existing Feature Requests: