Multiple windows

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

not really a problem, but something I consider Anytype is lacking right now.

Describe the solution you’d like

Being able to open different notes in different windows.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

To be honest, that’s the only alternative I can think of.


Could [this](Add a "sidebar" for viewing/editing multiple pages at once) be an alternative?


@BGray Yes, I think that could work, I didn’t really think of something like that. Thank you.

@Diana_227 Though, I feel obliged to add that being able to open separate windows could be quite useful especially considering the increasing use of multiple desktops. An example use case is that in a desktop, you have your personal notes and a website open in a browser; in another desktop, you open your work-related notes and websites.


@Diana_227 thank you for your feedback! :smiley:

More and more people telling us about this feature, so we will definitely implement it!

However, at the moment there is no ETA. We are researching the best technical and design approaches.


As the person who posted the feature request about sidebars, I will say I would value having both. Sidebars and multiple windows would, in my view, be nice to have. However I would be happy enough with one or the other, with my preference being for sidebars rather than multiple windows (I can explain why, but it’s probably just a personal preference thing).

I think it’s important to note that multi-window and sidebar both need the ability to interact fully with content no matter where it is opened. So for example being able to drag-drop from main content window to sidebar content, or from one window to another. If this is not possible, or is significantly more difficult with one approach vs. another, then I would suggest you prioritize the approach that allows the best interaction between the multiple different content/edit areas.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It would be good to be able to have multiple windows open for anytype to save having to jump between pages in one application window.

Describe the solution you’d like

Ideally I would like to be able to have two (or more) application windows open.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

An alternative could be using tabs within one application window to easily jump between different pages.

Additional context

Its a bit of a pain when you need two different resources within your anytype notes at the same time as you have to jump around the notebook.


@Diana_227 I’d like to make a request for multiple panels, which I think is different from what is being proposed here. Let me know if you agree.

From what I understand this post is requesting multiple application windows. What I’d like is multiple panels - each fully featured, essentially acting as it’s own “application”, but all within a single application instance. I’d also like to be able to resize and reposition these panels (note I’m not talking about floating panels/windows - just multiple subdivisions of the main application window). Remnote has this feature.

PS: I realize this thread also mentions a sidebar, which in my understanding is a specialized type of panel (usually limited to a certain position, for example). I’d rather just have each panel be fully featured/configurable.


@Vova Since this was back in March, I was wondering if there is any ETA now?

P:S: I make a case for a distinction between windows, panels (my preference) and sidebar here:

@qualquertipo no ETA for now, but it’s one of our highest priority feature requests.


@Vova Allowing two instances of Anytype would be good too.



I’m up for the separated windowS, fully actionable / resizable over the simple sidebar. It’s a feature I currently use a lot on OneNote !


+1, it’s very exhausting to switch contexts every few seconds for example taking meeting notes and having to create objects at the same time for tasks is a good workflow example.


Indeed, this feature is a must have to any productive worker. This way I could manage to open an visually arrange many Anytype window on many computer screen at the same time.

Please implement this before the official release! :pray:


Hi, may I ask whether there are any updates about the “multiple windows” feature? Thank you.

Coming on 29 of August if we won’t have any huge technical problems.



Are multiple panels (within a single application window) coming as well? If not, any plans and/or ETA?


Multiple windows are at least something, but multiple panes are much convenient imo.


How are multiple panes more convenient if you can arrange windows the way you like on different displays or work tables in Mac OS?

Convenient as in. they open almost instantly and in the same place and order every time. This is especially important if you use more than two at the same time.

When it comes to windows management, I have no experience with Mac OS. Win 11 got some new features, but I figure that it’s’ still a pain. Linux is pretty great though.