Change or delete default templates linked to default types


I was wondering if we will ever be able to change or delete the default templates that are linked to the default types?

If not, then maybe an option to hide the default template or make a user-created template the default one?

Especially for sets with the “New” button where all templates show up. If I want to make a small change to the default template, I have to duplicate it. Then whenever I want to add a new object, I have to choose the correct template every time.


I second that request and merge it with this other related request to Hide or archive default type relation ship

@Oshyan should both topic be merged into a larger request – ability to archive/hide any object from UI ?

It is best to use the “Flag post” option to request moderator attention. I have flagged this post so the mods can take a look. :slight_smile:

sorry - I wasn’t aware.

Will do

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Default relations (propeties) and types created by the system cannot be edited nor deleted. This missing capability forces users to create duplicate relation and type whenever they want to cover a use case.

  • Problem: Company (type) → I cannot add the relation (property) Country
  • Solution (unsatisfactory): I created a new type Organization and I added the relation Country. Thus creating a duplicate

There are already several feature requests to be able to delete default relation and type. From what I understood it doesn’t seem like an easy feat nor a priority.

Describe the solution you’d like
Could we just hide or archive the default relations and types so that they are not displayed in the selectdrop down or in the library.
For instance a type or relation could have two status:

  • active : current behavior
  • archived : not displayed in Select-drop-down, nor Set, nor in the library

This could improve the UX while not disrupting the integrity of the system.


I really like this idea as a temporary measure until relation & types can be modified and erased. There are already so many default types, and most I will not use. Hiding them from sight could be a good choice, since it wouldn’t create problems with missing relations, etc. Even if they were visible in the library - maybe in different tabs? Or with toggles? - as long as they weren’t available in the already cramped dropdowns, I’d be satisfied.