Add Tabs to show multiple pages

Notion enhancer is this mod loader that adds many feature enhancements and improvements to notion. Notion enhancer has this feature called tabs that lets you open any page in a new tab. This is an absolute game changer in terms of convenience and productivity, and many install notion enhancer just for that feature. I wouldn’t think this would be an issue to implement in anytype considering how optimized it already is. Every time you open a new tab, it should maybe just show the dashboard.


I think craft has this. Tabs+ Multi windows are great and useful


Either tabs or being able to open two instances of anytype (like you can in notion)

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Be careful with your wishes because some developers integrate the tabs, but prevent them from being dragged out to become autonomous windows…

Of course, tabs would only suit me if they allow multiple windows. But anyway I’m still a big fan of multiple instances of softwares.

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